Entegral blog started

Welcome to our new blog. We thought it might be a great idea to start a company blog and give everyone some insight into who Entegral is, the people, the work we do, and what we are passionate about (real estate technology!).

Today was another great day:
  • We had a real estate internet training session for 20 clients at our offices.
  • We signed up 2 new subscription clients on MyProperty.
  • A new national real estate group in principal confirmed they would be using the MyProperty range of services.
  • 2 Further national proposals sent out - we are holding thumbs!
  • We launched this new company blog.
  • A new alarm system was installed at our offices, and for a change, our 'techies' were the users and trained into the use of a new system.
  • ...and we had no power failures :) Luckily our servers are hosted at Internet Solutions, where an array of diesel generators are ready to kick in in the event of power failure - which we had not too long ago in Sandton.


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