Entegral Technologies to rebrand Property 100 Group

Entegral Technologies, together with the head of Property 100 Group Consulting division, Alex Fenwick, recently started a revamping project on the Property 100 Groups’ Corporate Identity. The idea behind the revamp was to give the Property100 Group a new, fresh look and feel but at the same time ensure that Property 100 clients still recognise the brand.

The first element tackled was the logo of the company. The goal was to transform it into a more streamlined identity element, but still keeping all the characteristics of the old Property100 brand experience. One of the characteristics that were focused on when planning the redesign was that the logo and other elements could be extended to the other business areas of the group.

The logo needed to be updated to have a more modern look and feel. The existing colour palette was retained but updated to more vivid colours. The key elements in the logo were also retained but simplified to ensure that the golden thread is pulled through the whole identity of the Property 100 Group.

A new website is in the process of being developed by Entegral’s Development team. It will be based on the new Corporate Identity and new web design principles. The website will be more user-friendly and will also integrate the additional Group Services websites such as Bonds100, Credit100, Legal100, Insure100, Edu100.

The basic new corporate identity is already being implemented throughout Group100. In addition the new Property100 website will be launched soon.

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