Featured property gets close to 2000 views in 2 weeks on MSN

A RealNet client contacted us today to enquire about the hits on one of their Great Brak River listings. We’ve investigated and saw 1729 detailed views of the property in one month coming from the MSN.co.za website. (The OMS allows you to track the number of detailed views per portal).


The particular property was featured on the MSN Home page (see sample below) and with MSN being South Africa 2nd most visited website, one can understand where all the clicks are coming from.


MSN LogoEntegral is the exclusive partner for MSN South Africa’s property channel. Listings loaded on the OMS are automatically advertised on the MSN Property channel. The 2 property channels, MSN Property and MyProperty, already provides a combined online exposure unparalleled by other real estate websites. With MSN Property’s website hits increasing every month estate agents can expect to enjoy even more exposure from South Africa’s top News, Business and Entertainment website.


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