RealNet's new website live!

One of South Africa's largest Real Estate Franchises, RealNet, appointed Entegral to redesign and develop a new website for the group.
A lot of focus went into the optimization of the website with tons of SEO-focused copy added to most pages of the website. Hundreds of links were also added to the website, purely focused on improving the SEO status of the new website.

A few new developments also made it's way on the RealNet website, searches on the site have now been divided into three different sections; Residential, Commercial and Farms & Small Holdings.

For the farms and small holdings and the commercial section it is now possible to search according to land and building size. Another unique feature for these property types is that extra features can now be configured in the OMS to be displayed as a tick box on the website and added as a feature to the property i.e. the type of farm can be configured and distinguished between such as wine farm, cattle farm, irrigation farm.
For the residential section of the website, we've added bedroom
s and bathrooms to the advanced search for visitors to narrow down their search for residential property.
In terms of the search experience for all property types, the multiple town and suburb search were added for the user to have the option to select more than one suburb or town for his property search.

To view all other exciting improvements made to the new RealNet site please visit


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