Hello Doctor - a revolution in SA health care – powered by the Entegral Cloud

On 5pm, Sunday 17 April, we saw the launch of a brand new medical show on SABC 3 called Hello Doctor, produced and presented by Dr Michael Mol.  The show is part of a much bigger picture, that the media describes as a revolution in health care in South Africa:


Now, thanks to technology, you can phone or email a doctor – Times Live

It is a fact. Healthcare in South Africa implies, for some, long queues at state hospitals and clinics, and for others exorbitant private doctors' fees. Also a fact, our health practitioners are overworked. One of the solutions proposed by the government and the private sector is telemedicine. It is already in place in South Africa, and uses technology to perform the routine and basic diagnosis of illness, prescribe medication and transmit and store health data - over the internet and by telephone.  A commercial example of this new medical practice is the Hello Doctor project, launched last Sunday. A spin-off television chat show aired for the first time this weekend.

Also read the press release on IT Web. 

Entegral was approached by one of South Africa's premier, marketing services agencies, Mortimer Harvey, to design a highly scalable and robust online health care platform for Hello Doctor. The platform drives both the public website, www.hellodoctor.com, and a complete backend management system used by a variety of users including online doctors.

hello-doctorWith our history in working with large data sets and developing innovative online systems locally and abroad, we jumped at the unique opportunity, and delivered a system in record time, ready for the maiden TV show launch on Sunday!

The complete system was developed on top of our new Cloud hosting infrastructure (powered by the leaders in cloud computing, Amazon AWS). The cloud technology provides Hello Doctor with a highly scalable platform that can handle traffic spikes and deliver unparalleled levels of uptime and traffic volumes.

Entegral is proud to be part of this revolutionary online system and expand its technical expertise to new horizons.

The web is providing some new unique opportunities to solving health care problems, read this brilliant article on FastCompany.com


  1. What an exciting experience!/Hilarious! Delightful! True!/wonderful stuff! thank you!

    Health care

  2. I always thought the medical field was going to benefit a great deal from cloud technology. Cloud computing will help hasten research the same way Sony did with Folding@Home project using PS3 machines.

    health insurance plans

  3. What I would love to see is cloud computing leading to cheaper health care in all corners of the world. The way it can educate medical practitioners everywhere, patients potentially no longer have to seek treatment outside their locale.

  4. That's an interesting thought. Information dissemination through a channel as potent as cloud computing is sure to at least usher more efficient sharing of knowledge across continents.


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