Real Estate mobile website take-on very slow in South Africa

There seems to be an ignorance for mobile real estate websites in South Africa, this in a country where mobile is king. Every estate agency should have a mobile website, just have a look at the insight Google provides on mobile usage.

Locally there are about 2,000,000 mobile searches performed every day in South Africa, representing about 25% of the total search market and rising to 65% on weekends! Clearly it is a huge opportunity lost for real estate agents in generating new leads when property buyers and sellers are not in front of their computers.

Looking at major real estate players in South Africa, none of them have mobile websites including RE/MAX, Seeff, Harcourts, Rawson, Century 21, Aida, ERA, the list goes on and on. The exception to the rule is Pam Golding and our own clients like who looks to be the first and one of the only franchise groups in SA to have launched a mobile website quite some time ago.


Entegral provides real estate mobile websites for an incredible R50/month. It showcases all your property listings from your website in a mobile site where the content is optimized for smaller device screens. Should someone make an enquiry, the contact details of the person is SMS’s plus emailed to you. The sites can be setup within 24 hours for existing clients and new clients (providing you supply us with a property listing feed). There is no additional fees and unlimited bandwidth is provided. What’s more, the mobile websites are hosted on our ground-breaking new Cloud platform, providing better uptime and performance.

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