Amazon’s revolutionary cloud-based web browser

Today in New York, Amazon introduced Silk, an all-new web browser powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and available exclusively on the just announced Kindle Fire.

With the release of Silk, they have reinvented the browser and basically bundled incredible cloud based power into a very cost effective tablet.

Amazon is the leading innovator in cloud computing and certainly pushing the boundaries with their new tablet and browser.

Entegral’s real estate and medical products and services all run on the Amazon AWS Cloud. We will keep a close eye on details and availability of the new Kindle Fire and Silk Browser for future compatibility. Imagine – your whole real estate offices running from a $199 tablet using the OMS!



More info here:


  1. Very Interesting. But its like Google and Apple, all just want to create their own system (they even mentioned it in the first clip). The end of the story is, that we just only be consumers, and that was not the the same story, when they started to create computers! But the cloud, I think, will change very much. Because now the software and the infrastructure is being changed.
    I saw it with my own company, a small contact center company here in germany. The got into contact wie ECT, and now we are no callcenter company anymore, but a customer solution center :) Just by getting be clouded from them


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