Bringing the medical cloud to Africa with Hello Doctor & MXIT

A week ago we reported on the newly launched MXIT application for Hello Doctor. A first phase launch focused on health group chats, a daily tip by Dr Michael Moll, health polls and an extensive health condition centre.

7 Days later…. 25,000 Registered Users!

(update 26 July 2012: we have to eat our words, over 100,000 users have installed and registered the app after just 2 weeks!)

The Hello Doctor MXIT app achieved tremendous results in its first week on MXIT signing up new users on average every 24 seconds. After only 7 days more than 25,000 people installed and registered the app in MXIT and posted more than 10,000 questions & replies in the health group chats.  And with the latest stats it shows no signs of slowing down. We estimate 100,000 registered users in a few weeks.

photoBringing the medical cloud to Africa

The Hello Doctor systems including the new MXIT app, website, HelloDoctor 4 Doctors website, soon to be launched mobi website and other new systems in development, was all build by Entegral using various Amazon AWS cloud technologies.

The cloud platform allows for a completely scalable system that can cope with an exponentially growing user base, provides industry best failover protection and unparalleled performance. Best of all, it is a green solution, using only the immediate computing resources required to serve users across Africa 24/7.

Suited for smartphones and feature phones

Although the MXIT platform runs on smartphones, it is perfectly suited for and was originally developed for feature phones with less ‘smarter’ functionality including smaller screens. The effect is that bandwidth optimized and reliable medical info, health tips and health chat rooms are now made available by Hello Doctor to millions of people in Africa, irrespective of the type of phone they have.

These days so many apps are developed for smartphones only, but there still is a big feature phone user base in Africa, and MXIT bridges this gap.  With all the Hello Doctor systems running in the cloud, the medical cloud is in effect, brought to millions of cellphone users in Africa and in one of the simplest ways possible.

Based on MXIT stats, there are 50,000,000 MXIT users across Africa and the MXIT app works on almost 3.000 mobile handsets. A total of 750,000,000 messages are sent everyday through the platform.

Intelligence through the cloud610-cloud-computing-button-blue

Through an iterative development process (using the Microsoft .NET platform) more functionality is added every couple of days, not only to the Hello Doctor MXIT front-end, but also to the online management system used by the Hello Doctor team to customize and manage all content on the MXIT application.

The aim is to make the system highly intelligent through constant analyzing and processing of key user metrics. A richer and more personal user experience is for instance already starting to be delivered by tapping into the MXIT API that allows access to data like age & gender of your users.

Hello Doctor aims to provide a highly engaging experience for users, and through the tools provided, make health care info & discussion more accessible to everyone in South Africa & Africa. A lot of key features (like live health group chats with real doctors!) are still to be rolled out, and will further fuel active use and signup of the application.

MXIT – been there, done that, got the tshirt – and a high 5 from the client :)

Here is to the next 25,000 Hello Doctor MXIT users!



  1. Update: we have to eat our words! 100,000 registered users in just 2 weeks!


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