New MXIT mobile app launched for Hello Doctor

A new MXIT mobile application has just been launched for Hello Doctor by the Entegral. Based on the number of signups (new signups every minute) it is going to be a hit in the MXIT community.

The first phase launch offers health group chats, a daily tip by Dr Michael Moll, health polls and an extensive health condition centre. The health group chats are supplemented by feedback from real doctors. Further phases already being developed will include more useful functionality for users and some industry firsts for health care in Africa.

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The Hello Doctor MXIT application was developed on the Microsoft .NET framework and runs on Entegral’s cloud infrastructure powered by Amazon AWS. This ensures optimal uptime, the best performance and a highly scalable infrastructure to cater for future product launches and an exponentially growing user base.

The MXIT application also features a full management system that allows doctors to respond to MXIT users in health group chats. Other features on the MXIT application can be controlled and monitored by Hello Doctor Administrators through a powerful management web interface. The beauty of this is that Hello Doctor systems are accessible 24/7 through all browsers including tablets like the ipad.

The MXIT application complements an already successful consumer website (soon to be revamped) as well as the recently launched online communication platform for doctors, – both of these also powered by the cloud.

Hello Doctor is making some serious inroads in health care in Africa and we are proud to be associated with the dynamic Cape Town based team.


Based on MXIT stats the average user spends 87min a week online with 4 logins daily. A total of 750 000 000 messages are sent through the platform daily. Most MXIT users are from Africa and there are more than 10,000,000 active users over a 12 week period. The power of the MXIT platform lies in the fact that it works on all feature and smartphones. It has a very large user base on feature phones.

Interesting to note is that 61% of South African MXIT users are based in Gauteng:



  1. This was a good suggestion that you put up here...dude…..hope that it benefits all the ones who land up here. 

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  2. Can a doctor provide telemedicine through this app? App developers should work on UI to provide a user friendly application.

  3. Nice app, really good for doctors as well as to the patients. Good suggestion to all who like to care and be in touch with the doctors and medical emergency. Thanks to the dedicated mobile app developers of the wonderful apps.

  4. This looks like a really promising medical app to use. That it is already making serious inroads in Africa is a sign that this app is making positive impact in the region's health sector. It might even be a good model to follow for other regions that want to adapt a similar app.


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