Century21 Modhomes designs their own unique website.

Designing and developing a website for a real estate company can sometimes feel like "I've done this a few times" purely because of the nature of the business.  You have your unique front page listings, the visitor needs to be able to search from the home page and then if the estate agent loves to have show days we'll add the show house for this week on the front page.

Century21 Modhomes owner, Leonard Dann liked layout of a New York newspaper - especially the way it displayed on an iPad and wanted a similar layout to his website - large thumbnails and big property images. 

This is the first time that we have designed a website with such a layout and must say that we are pretty chuffed with the outcome. 

The website allows for the visitor to search directly for properties in Modhomes' area of operation or the home seeker can click on any of the offices' featured properties in the first row.  All important functions and features of the company has then been grouped and can be viewed by clicking on any particular thumbnail.  I.e if you are not familiar with the Sandton or Johannesburg North area you can view it via the map search and click on the areas interested in for for sale property or rental property available.

With this design the aim for the site was to also display perfect on an iPad or any other tablet.  The outcome, not too bad! It fits perfectly and looks like it was designed with a tablet in mind.  

We found that a lot of estate agencies owning a franchise still has the need for their own unique and individual office website.  Century21 Wildlife also had their own website designed and developed by us and customised their website to show off the area that they are operating in. 

The owner of the Wildlife office also obtained the licence for Tzaneen and used his Wildlife website's template for his Tzaneen office.

At Entegral we don't limit you to one template or design - we give you the canvas to create your own unique website and give you the opportunity to put your own stamp on it.  If you are a franchise owner and wish to have your own branded website like the two individual Century21 offices, contact us at support@entegral.net.  


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