3 easy ways to track expired property listings with the OMS

oms-quicktip3 expired listings


1. Live inbox

Your live inbox will automatically show listings about to expire, you will notice a notification automatically appearing one week before the listing expires, and the day it expires. Tick the checkbox to acknowledge the notification. You can select the ‘my completed items’ to access your completed items later. Click on a link to open the listing.


2. Quick search

Go to the Property Quick Search in the OMS and select one of the expired listings filters. You can view listings that will expire, or have already expired:


3. Stock Report

Go to the Reports / Stock menu in the OMS, select your listing stock report with filters and download the PDF. You will notice listings about to expire highlighted with a warning icon:


Auto-expiring of listings

The OMS will auto-expire your listings as soon as the expire date is reached. Expired listings can be re-enabled by opening the listings and changing the status to one of the active statuses (for sale, to rent, on auction).

The OMS will keep track of listing status changes as can be seen below, so there is no need to delete old stock. You can keep an unlimited number of inactive stock in the OMS. You can also click on one of the transaction histories to view the mandate details at the time.


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