Flex franchise websites – the ultimate solution for real estate franchises

Today we’ve launched 5 RealNet franchises websites, including http://www.realnetknysna.co.za/ and http://www.realnet-pretoria-east-watermeyer.co.za/

This is the ultimate solution for national real estate franchises looking to provide websites to their offices that offers:

- industry’s lowest setup and monthly hosting fees;

- quick setup time (one day);

- cutting edge responsive technology packed with loads of features on our industry 1st cloud platform;

- a strict corporate identity implementation and upkeep of that;

- ties in with the OMS (Office Management System) as well as a national website;

- unparalleled support infrastructure for all your offices;

For more on Flex real estate websites click here: http://www.entegral.net/content/p479_flex-real-estate-websites.aspx or contact us for a free quotation.



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