Hybrid real estate agency backed by cutting-edge technology

Rugby and real estate technology might seem like an unlikely duo - but working closely with Pink Link and its Director of Business Development, former Springbok rugby player AJ Venter, on their brand new responsive real estate website we have come to realise that there might just be common ground.

Visit the site: www.pinklink.co.za

Pink Link is a newly launched hybrid real estate agency that not only understands the changing nature of the real estate landscape but also has a keen interest in making one of the biggest financial decisions as easy and understandable to buyers and sellers alike.

As a hard-hitting player that was just as comfortable at the flank or lock positions, Venter knows a thing or two about being adaptable and responsive in any given situation. Not unlike our FlexTL websites that adapt and change to your brand and responds seamlessly with any device, it is viewed from.

With its clean and modern layout, the newly launched website is easy to use by implementing industry best user experience design features that ensure visitors are never left wondering about their next move - it is all smooth sailing from kick-off to touchdown.

The team of experts at Pink Link are not new to the industry, it was, therefore, vital to offer them a product that would increase their efficiency and cut-down on the endless administration that comes with being a real estate agent.

Enter Base, our newly launched real estate CRM system that allows you to capture and publish listings across our entire property partner portal network as well as your own website. Agents can easily upload and manage their listings on a system that we believe is a game changer.

We have put in the extra hours, working on our game plan so you don’t have to. For more information on our products please visit www.entgeral.net


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