A full circle solution for Oslo & Co

As a niche agency, focusing on retail real estate, Oslo & Co needed a website that would not only be an extension of their corporate identity but more importantly provide them with a powerful online marketing tool for their unique real estate offerings.

A fast track solution with Flex

Oslo & Co required unique features including a customised search and property details to amplify their business model. Rather than starting from scratch, they opted to fast track their custom solution with a Flex Elegant theme as base. The custom solution then enabled them to modify any part of their website and adapt it to their distinctive business model. The end result is time and cost savings with more attention given to the unique features than getting the basics right.

The website embraces responsive technology, secure browsing, and optimal UX design to deliver a unique browsing experience that is based on the latest design and industry trends. A lot of attention has been paid to make the property search experience as fast and accurate as possible.

The website’s custom-built search functionality allows the agents to add more configurations to allow for the not-so-standard-features that comes with operating in retail real estate - for example, being able to refine the specifics to a dark kitchen, event spaces, pop-ups, shared spaces - we give the power to the agent to configure specific features and items on the site. 

As they specialise in retail spaces additional features can also be configured in the details of the listings from adding coldrooms, the availability of a valid liquor license, the ever-important back-up power and even storage facilities and whether a space has double volume ceilings. 

If that wasn’t impressive enough we are also able to separate certain property types i.e retail spaces, businesses and franchise opportunities which can be shown totally separate as a result of a search. 

Responsive for optimal user experience and SEO

All our Flex template websites are responsive and the Oslo & Co website is no different, adapting to any screen size whether you are viewing the website from a laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone - all this without ever losing functionality. 

The website is also backed by our cutting-edge Base CRM that allows the agents to not only manage and market their listings but also allows them to run their office no matter where they are. From following up on leads to creating brochures, they have the power to do it all.

As with each new launch, we are left in awe at just how adaptable our product is. The Oslo & Co website is a testament to the limitless potential of our solutions.

After the website launch Emma Stewart, Operations Manager of Oslo &Co said that

"...from the moment we first contacted Entegral regarding our website concept they were incredibly friendly, efficient and an absolute pleasure to work with.

The cost to build our website was very reasonable especially considering that many of the features needed to be custom-built. They were extremely accommodating and no ask was too tall.

I couldn’t be happier with how our website turned out and a BIG thank you goes to the Entegral team for all the hard work they put into creating the website of our dreams..."

Why take our word for it? Visit www.osloandco.com and see our product at work. 

Creative freedom for real estate companies

Our custom solutions are perfect for franchise groups, independent real estate groups, virtual estate agencies or single operating offices. It allows creative freedom to change any part of the website, and not just the home page as with most other solutions.  

If you are interested in a similar custom solution visit our Flex real estate page to discover the range of features and integration options available to elevate your estate agency to the next level.

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