Shine a light on your neighbourhood

For most home buyers finding a property to buy in an area is a daunting task - this gets even trickier for out-of-town home buyers that are not familiar with the area at all - fill the gap and boost your reputation as an area specialist by writing posts about an area for your Entegral powered website.

Write what you know

Don't just focus on the property numbers - write about the lifestyle of the area. Is it a quiet neighbourhood or an up-and-coming hotspot of the young and cool?

If you are focussing on a family friendly area write about the schools and sporting clubs in the area, if you are however focusing on an area that is popular with students mention transport connections, the walkability of the neighbourhood or places where they can get a quick bite to eat.

If writing is not your thing you can always make a neighbourhood video or take photos and pair it with a short description of the area.

By doing this you are not just boosting your offline reputation as an area specialist, you are also boosting your website with your unique content!

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