Entegral 2021 year end review and a sneak peek of something special launching in 2022

We take you through our top 20 hits of 2021 and give you a sneak peek of something special we are launching for the real estate industry in 2022.

Private Property listing views now available on Base

If you are using Entegral Base for your real estate agency , you can now also import your Private Property listing views. This complements the existing portal views integration  and now allows you to compare listing views per day on any listing for top portals. The x8 portal platforms now supported as of December 2021:  Property24 South Africa and Namibia MyProperty South Africa and Namibia Gumtree South Africa Private Property South Africa Your Entegral Flex website Your own website if powered by Entegral Base API  Please log in to Base for the announcement or simply go to Base / Settings / Integrations and under the Private Property logo, configure your settings.  

Entegral voices real estate industry concerns at the Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry (OIPMI)

In February this year , the Competition Commission of South Africa launched its “Online Intermediation Platforms Market Inquiry (OIPMI)” . The Commission published a draft for public comment outlining its plan to investigate these markets and stating that “the Commission has reason to believe that there exist market features which impede, distort or restrict competition amongst the platforms themselves, and which undermine the purposes of the [Competition] Act.” While it encompasses companies like Takealot, Uber Eats, and Airbnb, it also started an investigation into  property portals and listing syndication providers . Which caught the attention of Entegral as we know that: High portal prices are a big problem for many of our real estate clients. Are they justified, and do they deliver value for agents? Some platform market features hinder fair competition between portals, service providers, and innovative new real estate models; Competition amongst platforms is fierce, and there is

Entegral Base Zapier real estate automation interface goes public

We are pleased to announce that the Entegral Base Zapier integration is now in public beta ( previously in private beta) . Check it out here  and read this article on how Zapier and Base can help you automate your real estate business . Entegral is one of only a few real estate platforms worldwide to offer a Zapier integration for estate agents. It allows you to  connect your real estate data  to thousands of popular apps - and it doesn't force you into using specific apps or CRM's. The choice is yours! Best of all, there is no additional cost to integrate Base with your popular apps, and you can even start with a free Zapier account. Our team will now start creating  popular integration templates . Templates will be preconfigured, which makes it even easier to set up popular integrations. You can check out the one below, where we automatically add your contacts to Microsoft Outlook: Base and Zapier opens up many creative ways to automate your real estate data between apps, an

Why you should write a homepage introduction

It might not seem like an important aspect of your homepage but compelling introductions are quite pivotal in hooking a potential client. For many visitors to your FLEX website , the first page they will land on is your homepage, and as the saying goes - first impressions last. Consider your homepage and what you are trying to do - as a real estate agency, it is not just about selling property, you have to sell yourself and your business to build those lasting relationships that turn into profit. How do you do this with a homepage? By introducing yourself as the leading expert that you are through a well-written introduction. How to write winning introductions Writing effective homepage copy doesn’t need to be complicated and these tips will help you not only introduce your business to visitors but also move them to action. Be concise Everyone visiting your website already knows that you are a real estate agent or agency, they don’t need an explanation on what you do. What they do need

Listing view insights comes to Base

Entegral clients can now get early access to our new Base listing view stats functionality. It consolidates listing views per day per portal on all your mandates. There is also a rollup feature for the office to track overall views across all listings on participating portals. Once activated, we will start tracking listing views on all your mandates and keep a permanent history of views on all active and inactive listings. Portals supported We're launching with initial support for the following portals: Property24 South Africa and Namibia MyProperty South Africa and Namibia Gumtree South Africa Your own Flex website (any country) Your external website built through the Base API (based on certain requirements) We can support any other portal if they can make your listing view stats available to us Listing statistics forms part of an exciting new and bigger product that we will launch soon and the functionality will be expanded over time. Sign up process Your office administrator

Customise your property search experience with Flex

If you look at the current real estate tech landscape, it is filled with cookie-cutter real estate templates, that all feature the same property search experience. While this works well for some, experience has taught us that every real estate business we work with, is unique, and in many cases, they focus on different market segments. It would therefore make sense to be able to implement a unique property search experience suited to their market.  Until now, implementing such a unique search experience was impossible and expensive (not to mention a nerve-wracking experience if you built a website from scratch). We've changed that. Flex was the 1st real estate platform to offer a property search that can be personalised to your unique needs.  The already powerful property search tool shown below can now be modified in various ways, including adding or removing search options, and  implementing customised search fields: We've now further tweaked this functionality and compiled