Zoopla UK interface price adjustment

Our current Base real estate management system, as well as the older OMS system has a direct interface to Zoopla's international property section - Zoopla is one of the UK's top property portals. If you are targeting international buyers, this portal is worthwhile to try out (with our month-to-month subscriptions we reduce the risk of long term commitment subscriptions with portals). 

We've made the following price adjustment on our Sync Zoopla UK interface, applicable from October 2019 onward:

Zoopla professional advertising packages
Branded under the MyProperty name to reduce cost.
price adjustments:

5 listings: R131 to R145/month (increase)
20 listings: R791 to R560/month (decrease)
50 listings: R1715 to R1350/month (decrease)
100 listings: R2639 to R2600/month (decrease)

Agency branded advertising package
Branded under your own agency name and logo.
pricing stays as is

Pricing excludes VAT @ 15%.

Introducing a better bond origination service for the real estate industry

We are pleased to announce Entegral's brand new Bond Origination Service platform for the real estate industry. Our new home loans service was introduced to consumers last week on our MyProperty South Africa portal, and we are now excited to launch our exclusive estate agent offering.

The service aims to offer a more integrated and value-added experience for estate agents and introduce some unique industry firsts: Cash back rewards and reward points you can spend on services & online marketing initiatives targeted to help your grow your business.Integrated home loan pre-approval and applications on your Flex website with tracking through your Base account.Passive income from referrals, including those generated on your website.MyProperty commission share: earn on applications submitted through our portal. With our free listing subscription, MyProperty is the 1st portal that actually pays you to belong.A 100% independent Home Loan Origination service with no shareholding with a…

The birth of our new home loans services

Hello MyProperty Home Loans We are proud to announce the official launch of our new Home Loans services under the MyProperty Home Loans name.  Head over to this MyProperty Home Loans press release for the details and visit the new Home Loans application page here.

This is our consumer offering. An exciting new unique agent service will be launched next week (2 September) so go like our Facebook page and stay tuned for this exciting announcement.

Why you need a responsive website for your real estate agency

These days there are two ways you can approach to designing your real estate website:

1. Responsive design (one website works on all screen size devices, one domain) 2. Separate desktop and mobile websites (usually 2 domains)

Let's have a look at the advantages of opting for a responsive design.

So what is a responsive website design? Responsive web design is an approach to web design that makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and screen sizes. The developers will code the website in such a way, that it automatically adjusts to accommodate the screen size of the device your visitor is using  (e.g. large desktop screen, smaller laptop screen, even smaller tablet screen or mobile screen). To illustrate, if you open a responsive website and resize your browser, it should automatically adjust the contents as can be shown here. This is not possible with separate desktop and mobile websites:

What are the advantages of having a responsive real estate website?A consistent ex…

How to connect Facebook messenger to your Real Estate website

What are the advantages of integrating Facebook Messenger into your real estate website?
There are many advantages for estate agents to integrate a Facebook messenger live chat tool on their real estate websites. We even use it, if you want to check out a live version:

Facebook and the Messenger tool is familiar and convenient, people are more likely to engage with you. You can provide a personalized experience through a friction-less platform.Once potential clients message you, you get a link to view their Facebook profiles to for instance confirm their identity.People prefer communication that is convenient, instantaneous, and smartphone-friendly.It allows you to instantly engage with hot leads and transfer those hot leads to your agents. You can provide value and resources directly from Messenger and for instance direct them to a specific page on your website. No back and forth emails, so it saves time.With the Messenger platform, you don't have to learn new tools, as everythin…

MyProperty Namibia updates & expo

New MyProperty Namibia logo Our MyProperty Namibia home search portal has received a few updates including a fresh new logo, that reflects the recent MyProperty South Africa brand updates done. The new logo follows a more simplistic design:

Header update Namibia is such a beautiful country so it was difficult to decide on a new header image. We've opted for the world famous Spitzkoppe. Great choice isn't it?

Ranking algorithm When someone searches for properties for sale or rent, we now rank the latest listings first. We will introduce other ranking algorithms to showcase the best listings 1st, including number and quality of photos, length of the property description and how complete the listing details are.

Catch us at Namibia's first Property Expo! You can catch our team at Namibia's 1st Property Expo this weekend. We'd love to meet you so please come and say hi!
You can catch MyProperty founder, Adriaan GrovĂ© in action this Friday 12.45 at the expo, delivering …

In photos: Are you empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution?

Entegral provides a complete mobile real estate solution for estate agents, from listing & contacts & document management using Base, to it's 100% uptime, serverless responsive real estate websites, Flex.

We recently got our hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet. One of the best Android tablets you can buy at around R10,000: a slim design, awesome battery life and incredible display. The keyboard cover is what makes this tablet the perfect companion for estate agents who are always on the move and need quick access to listings, contacts or office files.

Combine with a Rain mobile unlimited data deal (R250/month) and you are empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution.

Here is what Base looks like on the Samsung S5e, editing a property listing:

With the keyboard folded away (and in portrait mode), you can still access all the features, here we are capturing a new property listing:

Even when you only have access to your phone, you are in good company wi…