MyProperty Namibia updates & expo

New MyProperty Namibia logo Our MyProperty Namibia home search portal has received a few updates including a fresh new logo, that reflects the recent MyProperty South Africa brand updates done. The new logo follows a more simplistic design:

Header update Namibia is such a beautiful country so it was difficult to decide on a new header image. We've opted for the world famous Spitzkoppe. Great choice isn't it?

Ranking algorithm When someone searches for properties for sale or rent, we now rank the latest listings first. We will introduce other ranking algorithms to showcase the best listings 1st, including number and quality of photos, length of the property description and how complete the listing details are.

Catch us at Namibia's first Property Expo! You can catch our team at Namibia's 1st Property Expo this weekend. We'd love to meet you so please come and say hi!
You can catch MyProperty founder, Adriaan GrovĂ© in action this Friday 12.45 at the expo, delivering …

In photos: Are you empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution?

Entegral provides a complete mobile real estate solution for estate agents, from listing & contacts & document management using Base, to it's 100% uptime, serverless responsive real estate websites, Flex.

We recently got our hands on the latest Samsung Galaxy S5e tablet. One of the best Android tablets you can buy at around R10,000: a slim design, awesome battery life and incredible display. The keyboard cover is what makes this tablet the perfect companion for estate agents who are always on the move and need quick access to listings, contacts or office files.

Combine with a Rain mobile unlimited data deal (R250/month) and you are empowering your agents with a true mobile office solution.

Here is what Base looks like on the Samsung S5e, editing a property listing:

With the keyboard folded away (and in portrait mode), you can still access all the features, here we are capturing a new property listing:

Even when you only have access to your phone, you are in good company wi…

New Flex Agent & Team real estate websites launched

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new Team and Agent specific Flex websites.

The design and functionality of these Flex responsive websites are specifically targeted at individual agents and small teams. It includes lots of features including Instagram, live chat, area profile and more integration options to help you craft a unique real estate website. We follow the latest responsive design trends with these websites, to ensure a seamless user experience, no matter what size device your clients are using. All websites comes with a domain registration option, HTTPS as standard and is even replicated worldwide to ensure 100% uptime.

Learn more about the new Agent and Team Flex websites here or if you are an office, explore our Flex Office website options. If you like to launch your own

MyProperty South Africa: new account & search filters

We are constantly refining the new MyProperty South Africa property portal and will introduce a range of new features throughout 2019. Here are some of the latest updates:

New MyProperty Account
Visitors can now create a free account on MyProperty which will allow them to manage their favourites, property email alerts and news alerts from any device. New account specific functionality that enhances the buying/selling experience will be introduced over time.

It features a unique passwordless authentication feature. Users don't have to remember a password for MyProperty,the activation code to access their account is simply emailed to them.

Quick access to history
Visitors can now access their latest searches in a dropdown when they enter the search. We've also moved the 'my current location' feature here to simplify the user interface:

Header and navigation improvements
User interface tweaks to the header, search and action buttons at the bottom to further enhance the clean…

Launch your own real estate portal

Entegral is now making it easier and more cost effective to launch any type of real estate portal, anywhere in the world, using our new portal-as-a-service platform

The service provides a quicker way to get a new portal to market with a highly optimized, tried and tested platform. It removes the complexities and therefor the risk normally associated with setting up a new real estate portal under a predictable cost structure.

The solution is perfect for:

Real estate organisations like MLS's who'd like to launch a local portal with their members.Smaller real estate groups who'd like to establish a hyperlocal presence in a particular region.Larger franchise groups looking to roll out a national or international brands.Entrepeneurs looking to launch a real estate portal and associated services in their own country.
The costs benefits can be quite significant compared to developing your own portal from scratch while providing cutting edge features by default. Entegral has deve…

Fully customized estate agency websites are here

by Adriaan Grove, Entegral

Are you an estate agency looking for a fully customized website? You've probably received some eye watering quotes or think a customized website is reserved for large franchise groups?

How things used to work until now
Nowadays, most real estate website solutions give you a very limited choice in terms of customization. In most cases, one template is offered where the home page and overall colour scheme can be tweaked to create a more unique look and feel. This customization, unfortunately, disappears when you start to drill down to the sub-pages and realize your website is an exact duplicate of your competitor's.

This is done with reason, as web development companies need to keep costs low, and having one set of code to maintain helps a great deal. Fully customized websites need to be built from scratch, which in turn means a large upfront investment, time, and associated delivery risk. It certainly puts a damper on any creative ideas or unique work…

5 ways to supercharge your real estate SEO with AirTable

Article by Adriaan Grove, Entegral

It is 2019, start investing in content if you are not already doing so
One of the best investments you can make for your real estate website (apart from creating a great user experience) is to create valuable content that's relevant to your audience. Most estate agents have resorted to integrating news articles and in some cases area articles into their websites to achieve some level of personalisation.

The main focus on real estate websites seems to be on the design (in most cases only the home page is customized), and not on telling your story, showcasing your expertise or giving visitors valuable sticky content. This goes skin deep when the rest of your website looks like that of your competitor. You need to start thinking further than the "one fit for all" template websites out there that doesn't encourage any creativity beyond the home page. In most cases customization beyond the home page cannot be done or you are charged an ar…