Aina Sheya Properties launches brand new Flex website

With years of experience in the property industry, Aina Sheya from Aina Sheya Properties is not just a real estate agent that has a passion for property - she believes that every transaction is about her customer. With the launch of her new Entegral Flex responsive website, she now has a powerful marketing tool that not only showcases her listings but also her brand.
Her new Duo themed website allows visitors to view the Aina Sheya Properties website from any device without losing functionality as it adapts to any screen size it is viewed from. This means that there is no longer a need for a separate mobile website. Not only is this cost-effective but also helps with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and according to the latest from Google, responsive websites will count in your favour when websites are ranked in search results.

Aina Sheya Properties also makes use of our Base CRM which means that they can not only maintain her own website’s stock but also ensure her lat…

Master Real Estate Social Media in 2020

While businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from social media - the real estate industry is uniquely suited to the community-driven platforms that make up this digital space.

To ensure you kick off 2020 on the right footing online we take a look at three platforms that will help you gain more eyes on your business and more importantly your listings.


Last year the National Association of Realtors released a study that revealed that a whopping 99% of millennials - and 90% of baby boomers - begin their home search online (as opposed to in-person referrals.)

This statistic can be seen in action in the various community groups on Facebook where users regularly ask for referrals for estate agents active in their area or asking for rental properties that might suit their needs.

Simply put, if you are not active on Facebook you are missing out on a large slice of the pie.

Get a Facebook Business Page


What makes this platform so great for real estate agents is the vis…

Namibian real estate company, L-Ham Properties launches new website

The powerhouse team of L-Ham Properties recently launched their new Flex TL website that is backed by unmatched technology and a deep understanding of not only the real estate industry but also what makes a website more than just a domain.

Their new Duo Premium themed website allows visitors to view the L-Ham Properties website from any device without losing functionality as it adapts to any screen size it is viewed from. This means that there is no longer a need for a separate mobile website. This is not only cost-effective but enhances the user experience, as visitors to the site can seamlessly move from one device to another without a hitch.

L-Ham Properties also makes use of our Base CRM which means that they can not only maintain their own website’s stock but also ensure their latest listings are sent to our property partner network from one easily managed dashboard. (Base is much more than just a listing manager and this state-of-the-art management system will ch…

New Entegral Real Estate Training division launched

We are proud to welcome a seasoned property professional with over two decades of sales, training and consulting expertise to Entegral. Gavin Kelsey will be heading up a new Real Estate Training division that takes advantage of his experience as an agent, business owner, franchisee, management executive and trainer across many real estate platforms to deliver a refreshing and practical alternative to agents and agencies.  
His passion for training and consulting is underpinned by ‘simplicity’ and ‘application’. Increased sales and improving results is the goal but it relies on three key ingredients;
1. The individual or company needs to have a need for change; 2. They reach for a solution; 3. Follow the process (exactly) until the results are achieved.
Real estate is a ‘game’ in which everyone can win. 

The 1st training program "Sold in 6 weeks" is now available for booking and has already received very positive feedback (view the testimonials).
The 2nd service on offer for agents …

Advertise your real estate vacancies

We will soon launch a brand new initiative to help you grow your real estate agency and attract the right talent. The MyProperty Job Board will launch next week and we are inviting Entegral clients to advertise their vacancies for free. This is a limited offer and opens to the 1st x20 entries so capture as soon as you can.

How to claim your free job ad Follow this link and pick the STANDARD PACKAGE, capture your job ad including the company logo and website address. Click on the pay button and once you reach the payment page, you can close the form - our team will pick up the 1st x20 entries and place a free ad for you that is valid for 2 months.

Should you want to promote it via our social channels and have it featured, you can pick the ENHANCED PACKAGE. This will cost you R299 but will provide some great exposure for your agency on MyProperty's social channels.

Once we have a few real estate job vacancies we will then officially launch …

Enhanced promoted listings offers for MyProperty South Africa

We've received a lot of positive feedback on our newly launched MyProperty Promoted Listing feature. It allows you to promote your listing and Facebook business page through the MyProperty South Africa social channels. We will tweak these packages over time to improve the offering.

With the latest update, we will apply 100% of your paid amount to the Facebook ad spend, quite incredible! We've also modified the premium package with a R950 Google Adwords ad that will run over +-1 month and drive more leads to your profile:

Once your ad has finished running you will receive an email with the statistics for your review, and have the option to extend your promotion.

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