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Say hello to the new Entegral 2023 website

We are starting 2023 off on a high note with the launch of a new Entegral website . Our hope is to better communicate our values, vision, and how we can empower entrepreneurs anywhere in the world with our range of real estate products. If you see any problems or have suggestions please drop us a short message in the chat box on the website 😁 While you are there check out the slides from our 2022 year in review   on our about page: 2023 is going to be a big year as we are aiming to launch a ' missing piece of the puzzle' in our real estate product line-up. Stay tuned and subscribe to our newsletter to get all the inside info .  All of the best for 2023, we are ready to take your real estate business to the next level.

5 ways AI can improve the real estate industry

AI is expected to have a significant impact on the real estate industry in the coming years. This is why we are investing in new technologies that will enable us to empower our clients with the latest in cutting-edge tools to make their daily operations run smoother. We will soon launch a ground-breaking AI-powered feature into one of our core products.  Looking into the crystal ball, it is becoming more clear how AI could potentially impact the industry, including: 1. Improved property valuations: AI algorithms could be used to more accurately value properties using a combination of historical and current for sale and sold data, as well as advanced image analysis, potentially reducing the need for human appraisers 2. Enhanced property listings: AI-powered platforms could make it easier for real estate agents to list properties, including by automatically generating listing descriptions and adding supplemental data. 3. Predictive analytics: AI could be used to analyse data on past pr

The top 10 advantages of using responsive design in real estate

As a real estate agency, having a website is essential for showcasing your properties and attracting potential buyers. But in today's digital age, it's not enough to simply have a website - it needs to be responsive and user-friendly. Here are the top 10 advantages of using responsive web design in real estate for estate agencies: Improved user experience - Responsive web design ensures that your website automatically adjusts to the screen size of the device it is being viewed on, providing a seamless and intuitive browsing experience for your visitors. Increased mobile traffic - With more and more people accessing the internet from their smartphones, a responsive website allows you to tap into this growing market and attract mobile users to your properties. Enhanced search engine optimization - Google favors responsive websites in its search rankings, so implementing responsive design can improve your search engine visibility and drive more organic traffic to your site. Imp

Base Zapier new property and agent search actions

With the Zapier integration from Base , you can connect your listings, contacts, and calendars with thousands of popular apps. Automate repetitive tasks and work more efficiently. New property and user search functions We've created two new search functions to help automated your real estate business: 1. Find a agent: Looks up a user in Base using their unique ID and returns key fields which you can process and use in external apps. 2. Find a property: Pass the property id and all key property details including photos are returned: Example search Imagine a scenario where you capture a Property ID in a spreadheet (e.g. from website leads using the 'new lead' trigger) and want to extract the corresponding key property details from Base. We've set up a  simple Zap  that does this and extracts the price, location, agent, status and first photo into our Google Sheet: Using Zapier, you can now use this info to connect it to thousands of other apps and do further automations w

New MyProperty Namibia and Marketplace for estate agent launched

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new MyProperty Namibia property portal  and new MyProperty Marketplace for estate agents. New MyProperty Namibia The new website comes with loads of new features for consumers and agents, including: A smarter way to search for property in any location or point of interest. New neighbourhood profiles  that not only showcase the beauty of Namibia but aim to give you insight into specific areas via neighbourhood expert profiles. Improved for sale and to rent pages with integrated maps. Larger listing photo galleries with live currency conversions. Integrated video and virtual tours on listings for agents supporting this. Agents can use Entegral Tours , Matterport, or alternatives. Video integration is supported via Youtube Various new property tools including property alerts, careers page, and property alerts Improved agent and agency profile pages showcasing the latest listings and a new estate agent search . A great Namibia real estate FAQ

More real estate domain name options for your estate agency

Choosing a domain name for your new real estate business can be tricky if the good ones are taken. A local top-level domain e.g. is always a good option, while a .com domain is the ultimate prize. But did you know that we offer plenty of other options including some new real estate-specific ones, all of which can be used to link to your real estate website or set up as email accounts ? Just have a look at what is possible: .estate .farm .house .land .properties .realty .rentals. .agency .homes .joburg .capetown .durban .africa .for sale  .rent  .realestate and the standard ones:  .net  .com  .co  .biz  Entegral is an accredited domain registrar, specialising in real estate domains , and manages thousands of domains for individual real estate agents and companies. Visit our site to search for domains , email us at or hop onto the live chat to check the availability and costs of domains. Domains have a once-off set-up fee and a monthly fee which covers

How to feature your top listings and top neighbourhoods with Flex

Real estate agents looking for creative freedom to adapt their websites to fit their unique needs should look no further than Flex - a website solution for forward-thinking property professionals. Our comprehensive solution allows users to do some amazing things - and to help you see just how easy it is, we review how you can tweak your home page to emphasize your main areas of operation.  This not allows you to showcase your area of expertise, but also makes your social media marketing more effective. Tweak what featured properties display on your home page Did you know that you have full control over the featured properties on your Flex real estate website ?You can: Apply any filters (price range, area, property type etc).  You can apply a custom listing tags filter (e.g. tag with 'featured' or 'showcase' or multiple filters 'sea view', 'mountain view'.) Show the latest listings and tweak the number of properties to display. You can tweak the entire lo

New integration with Gmaven for Commercial Real Estate agencies.

At Entegral, one of our core beliefs has always been to give freedom to our clients in choosing their systems, how they'd like to operate and deciding on what works best for running their business.  It's imperative for our team to assist real estate agencies and brokers to put together various integrations, systems and applications, simplifying their every day activity.  Hence this outlook,  a new partnership has been established between Entegral and commercial software specialists, Gmaven .   Gmaven, specialising in commercial specific software, is just one of the companies, who implemented our Sync API platform , allowing their clients to syndicate listings to a variety of real estate portals.   From the Gmaven system, commercial real estate managers, property funds or agents capture data on the Gmaven system, and with one click of a button, are now able to automatically advertise their space where potential clients are looking. More about the Sync API The service can be inte

New website theme available for commercial agencies and brokers.

As with a commercial brokerage being a highly specialised business, so should the technology supporting the operations of the agency also be state of the art.  With our new Elevate Theme , developed for commercial real estate agencies, brokers or agencies can now showcase feature rich, detailed listings both for sale and to rent on this template theme.  Entegral Flex, Elevate Theme   Built solely for commercial brokerages, this responsive website can be customised with unique search features specific to CRE, as well as added detailed features of each listing.  Apart for creating highly detailed property listings, additional relevant content and information can be added by either using Entegrals Base system as backend tool, or making use of Airtable, integrated with your website, enabling you to created regular, updated content such as news, FAQ's and more.  Features of the Elevate Theme include: Property results pages for for sale stock & rentals priced per month and per square