Enhanced promoted listings offers for MyProperty South Africa

We've received a lot of positive feedback on our newly launched MyProperty Promoted Listing feature. It allows you to promote your listing and Facebook business page through the MyProperty South Africa social channels. We will tweak these packages over time to improve the offering.

With the latest update, we will apply 100% of your paid amount to the Facebook ad spend, quite incredible! We've also modified the premium package with a R950 Google Adwords ad that will run over +-1 month and drive more leads to your profile:

Once your ad has finished running you will receive an email with the statistics for your review, and have the option to extend your promotion.

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We've re-launched a simplified version you can access here:

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Online payments comes to Flex real estate websites

We are excited to announce another industry 1st for real estate websites: integrated online payments.

Our team has integrated a generic online payment gateway in our Flex real estate website platform that allows you to accept online payments including credit cards through your preferred payment vendor. It works in any country, as long as you have an online payment service provider available that provides integration options. Online payment order links can be integrated anywhere on your website.

Our 1st integration in South Africa is through Sage Pay which accepts no less than 6 convenient payment methods, including credit card and bank EFT.  You can also integrate with other online payment providers including Peach Payments.

This has already been implemented on MyProperty South Africa, where you can promote listings via online payment if you want to see an example of how it works. MyProperty runs on the same Flex framework as your office site and since it is responsive, your payment g…

Boost your listings on MyProperty's social channels

We are proud to announce a fresh new approach to promote your property mandates on social media for Entegral clients.
Estate agents now have the opportunity to promote individual property mandates through our very active MyProperty Facebook, Twitter and Instagram social media channels. Depending on the package, you can also promote your property mandate through the highly effective Google Adwords network. Our initial launch packages offer a hyper-local approach to target people around the area of the listing for maximum impact. 
Simply log into your Base / OMS account and click on the 'promote' link on your mandate:

For those agents supplying listings through our Sync interface, you can simply navigate to your property listing on MyProperty and click on the 'Promote this listing' link:

Choose your package and click the order button to pay via our credit card payment gateway. Once ordered you will receive a confirmation email, our team is notified and a handcrafted promo…

Zoopla UK interface price adjustment

Our current Base real estate management system, as well as the older OMS system has a direct interface to Zoopla's international property section - Zoopla is one of the UK's top property portals. If you are targeting international buyers, this portal is worthwhile to try out (with our month-to-month subscriptions we reduce the risk of long term commitment subscriptions with portals). 

We've made the following price adjustment on our Sync Zoopla UK interface, applicable from October 2019 onward:

Zoopla professional advertising packages
Branded under the MyProperty name to reduce cost.
price adjustments:

5 listings: R131 to R145/month (increase)
20 listings: R791 to R560/month (decrease)
50 listings: R1715 to R1350/month (decrease)
100 listings: R2639 to R2600/month (decrease)

Agency branded advertising package
Branded under your own agency name and logo.
pricing stays as is

Pricing excludes VAT @ 15%.

Introducing a better bond origination service for the real estate industry

We are pleased to announce Entegral's brand new Bond Origination Service platform for the real estate industry. Our new home loans service was introduced to consumers last week on our MyProperty South Africa portal, and we are now excited to launch our exclusive estate agent offering.

The service aims to offer a more integrated and value-added experience for estate agents and introduce some unique industry firsts: Cash back rewards and reward points you can spend on services & online marketing initiatives targeted to help your grow your business.Integrated home loan pre-approval and applications on your Flex website with tracking through your Base account.Passive income from referrals, including those generated on your website.MyProperty commission share: earn on applications submitted through our portal. With our free listing subscription, MyProperty is the 1st portal that actually pays you to belong.A 100% independent Home Loan Origination service with no shareholding with a…

The birth of our new home loans services

Hello MyProperty Home Loans We are proud to announce the official launch of our new Home Loans services under the MyProperty Home Loans name.  Head over to this MyProperty Home Loans press release for the details and visit the new Home Loans application page here.

This is our consumer offering. An exciting new unique agent service will be launched next week (2 September) so go like our Facebook page and stay tuned for this exciting announcement.