Invitation Homes launches a dynamic new responsive website

Invitation Homes, a joint venture between the Rabie Property Group and Kloof Capital South Africa, recently launched a brand new responsive website powered by our industry-leading Flex framework.

Our team of highly skilled developers worked closely with the design team of Invitation Homes to create a custom-built Flex website for them.  The site is not only branded according to their corporate identity but is also armed with leading, custom-developed technology which will enable them to provide an online presence for their business. The website embraces responsive technology, secure browsing, and optimal UX design to deliver a unique browsing experience that is based on the latest design and industry trends. A lot of attention has been paid to make the property search experience as fast as possible.

The website’s custom-built search functionality allows a user to search according to the various developments in particular Cape Town areas owned by the groups, ensuring that visitors fin…

Business as (un)usual at Entegral with COVID-19 and a national shutdown

Dear Clients,

There is no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic is putting a damper on economic activity and have now resulted in a national lockdown in South Africa to help save lives. This will undoubtedly have a direct impact on the real estate market and agents specifically. Business as usual has been disrupted and working from home is the new normal for everyone in the next few weeks.

At Entegral business operations continue as normal. We've been operating a remote work force for the past 5 years so there is no disruption in our service to you. Our team is actively busy working on new features and tweaking existing systems as usual.

Recently, our South African partner portals have stepped up to assist agents as follows:
Property24 will not charge for services for the month of April;Private Property will reduced subscription fees by 25% for 3 months;Property360 has recently partnered with Entegral to offer a reduced subscription fee for a new account; Although Entegral would love to…

7 ways Base helps your agents work remotely

Working remotely from home is the new normal for now. At Entegral we've been working remotely for the past 5 years and understand the challenges and opportunities this presents. For a start, you need systems that promote the work-from-home environment, and this is how we've designed Base. Let's look at how the system can help your agents work remotely:
1. Secure access to unlimited file storage from anywhere There are many great solutions like Google Drive that provides file-sharing capabilities. But what if you are looking for something simple, that is secure, doesn't cost you extra, is integrated into your existing systems and available from your web browser?

Base has a nifty document library that provides unlimited storage of office files. You can create folders and upload templates, marketing material, OTP's and more. The office document library provides access to files for all your agents from any device. Users with administrator access have full access to upl…

Google announces mobile first indexing for the whole web, is your real estate website ready?

Most real estate searches today starts on mobile, so it makes sense to have a mobile optimised website for your visitors. So much so that in 2016 Google started including mobile friendliness as a ranking factor and also started advising of upcoming changes on how it crawls and indexes websites.

Now Google has just made a big announcement: it's going to default to mobile 1st indexing for the entire web:

In their announcement, Google again clearly highlights their recommendation for running a responsive website:

"...While we continue to support various ways of making mobile websites, we recommend responsive web design for new websites. We suggest not using separate mobile URLs (often called "m-dot") because of issues and confusion we've seen over the years, both from search engines and users...."

How to check if your real estate website is responsive

What is a responsive website? …

The new MyProperty Namibia is coming

The Entegral team is busy with a major revamp on Namibia's #1 property portal, MyProperty Namibia. We aim to improve all aspects of  the user experience on the new website and drive more quality leads to our clients.

Here is a sneak peek of the property search. It uses Google's Place search (the same you will find in Google Maps) to search for property around any location including street, suburb or point of interest.

We are also inviting clients and the public to suggest improvements.
Click here to suggest ideas on where you'd like to see the portal improved, we welcome all feedback!

Namibia estate agents can update their listings to MyProperty via Base.

Why you need HTTPS security on your real estate website

We've found many real estate service providers still not offering this critical website feature. Here is why it is important to your estate agency.

Almost 6 years ago Google indicated HTTPS is a ranking signal for SEO. This prompted service providers like Entegral to offer this as standard feature on it's latest generation Flex real estate websites, and optional on older websites.

In 2018 Google made more 'visual' changes and started showing a 'Not Secure' in its Chrome browser (most popular browser out there) as shown below:

Now this doesn't look particularly good if you are a buyer visiting your agency website right?  There are various drawbacks for not having an SSL certificate on your agency website: Any information captured by your user (e.g. their contact details on an enquiry form) are transmitted insecurely to your service provider's servers. This data can easily be intercepted and stolen on public WiFi networks.It's a Google Ranking factor as…

Local area expert? Promote your area via video on MyProperty

We've introduced a great way for estate agents to promote themselves through the MyProperty channels via our neighbourhood expert profiles as can be seen below:

Neighbourhood expert profiles on MyProperty South Africa

You can now also showcase neighbourhood videos at no additional cost, which is a first for a South African property portal.  You simple need to create a great YouTube video where you give an overview of your neighbourhood and send the link to us for evaluation. This offer is only open to estate agents that already have neighbourhood expert profiles on MyProperty (We will open for new submissions again later).

As can be seen in the example below, we will include it as part of your neighbourhood overview, which will give you some awesome exposure. Now that's not all, great area overviews will be promoted on our social channels, including the MyProperty Facebook and Twitter channels at no additional cost to you. 

see how the Raptors View neighbourhood expert does it