Easily link Base with external CRM systems

What is the Base Zapier integration?The Entegral Base system was recently improved with a native Zapier app integration. This allows estate agents to exchange data and create automated workflows with over 2000+ popular apps, including all the leading CRM specific apps. 

Why even link a CRM system?Although Base has contact management, contact categories, automatic lead import, and other great CRM features, users sometimes require very specific CRM functions that we don't (yet) cater to. With our Zapier integration, we allow agents to link any popular app with Base. Once linked with your app, you can for instance automatically synchronise your contacts from Base to the external app or vice versa. The added benefit is that you can create automated workflows and link more apps (e.g. insert contact details into a Mailchimp drip email campaign and ZOHO CRM at the same time). This makes the Zapier fee irreverent compared to the derived benefits.  Automated portal lead import from Base


New listing syndication interface with House Finder Namibia

We are pleased to announce a new Sync listing syndication interface with HouseFinder Magazine Namibia.The interface allows Entegral clients who are using our Base or Sync systems to automatically update their listings to the HouseFinder website every 24 hours. A setup fee of NS $499 is payable to Entegral for activation while a fee of N$ 99/month per 50 listings is applicable if you are not already paying this for your feed to external portals (Property24 Namibia). Click here for more information on HouseFinder.To activate your feed please contact our team on and allow +- 1 business day for your feed to be activated.If you are using our Sync API, the portal is also available for interface, see API documentation here.
Special offer from HouseFinder Namibia
HouseFinder Namibia is willing to to give their clients who wish to open their portals per above notice a FREE Quarter page advert in their magazine (value N$ 1,000.00) in their December/January ISSUE, as part of t…

A full circle solution for Oslo & Co

As a niche agency, focusing on retail real estate, Oslo & Co needed a website that would not only be an extension of their corporate identity but more importantly provide them with a powerful online marketing tool for their unique real estate offerings.

A fast track solution with FlexOslo & Co required unique features including a customised search and property details to amplify their business model. Rather than starting from scratch, they opted to fast track their custom solution with a Flex Elegant theme as base. The custom solution then enabled them to modify any part of their website and adapt it to their distinctive business model. The end result is time and cost savings with more attention given to the unique features than getting the basics right.The website embraces responsive technology, secure browsing, and optimal UX design to deliver a unique browsing experience that is based on the latest design and industry trends. A lot of attention has been paid to make the prop…

Entegral launches Base Zapier integration - a game changer for real estate agents

We are proud to announce a game-changer for real estate agents with the launch of our Zapier integration with Base. The Zapier system allows Base end users to integrate their real estate data with over 2000 popular web apps. It empowers estate agents to automate repetitive tasks and create workflows for streamlined customer experiences.

Watch the launch event Visit Entegral Insights to view our Facebook launch event and access the slides where we discussed the Zapier integration in more detail:

Automate anything in your real estate business With the Zapier integration users can create various triggers that can either send or receive contact data (and later listing data) between Base and their favourite apps.  Users can even access the internal SMS messaging system in Base to send and receive SMS messages.

In the launch event, Entegral CEO Adriaan GrovĂ© demonstrated how personalised autoresponders can be configured in response to new leads received from any external system and how tho…