Flex Dynamic real estate listing ads now out of beta

We are proud to announce the Flex Dynamic Ads is now out of beta and available for order to all our real estate clients. The integration with your Flex responsive real estate website is a game-changer. The platform records detailed buyer search metrics and feeds that straight back into Facebook to deliver high-precision listing ads.  These ads link to your website, and not some external portal. The result is ads that perform better over the long run. We've simplified everything by eliminating the need to manage this in a new tool, Base CRM handles everything . What's more, 100% of your ad spend budget goes into building your brand. Check out the slideshow below:

10 Clever ways to save time in your real estate business

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst" ~ William Penn When we get so used to doing things in a certain way we fail to step back and investigate how we can work more efficiently and save time (and money) in the process. We get into comfort zones with outdated tools and fear trying out something new. Time lost on repetitive admin tasks impacts your business bottom line. That's time you could have spent on productive tasks. Save enough time and it opens the door to appointing someone new in your business. At Entegral we have a mindset of always trying to work more efficient and we push this view down into our product development. We are always on the lookout for how we can make your real estate business more profitable. So how much time can you save in your real estate agency by automating everyday tasks? We've compiled 10 ways our platforms can help you create more time out of thin air. Maybe you can think of some more or have some ideas on how w

How estate agents can now automatically pre-qualify their buyer leads without lifting a finger

by Adriaan GrovĂ©, Entegral Founder We know there are plenty of benefits for home buyers to prequalify for a home loan. Running a property portal and real estate platforms we see the usual pitfalls in property buying. While there are plenty of benefits for buyers to prequalify for finance, the benefit for estate agents can easily be calculated too. Think of the time lost working with unqualified buyers or chasing basic documentation once an offer is submitted. Time is your biggest asset, so how do we help you create more time ? Step 1: Create a customer-first, integrated and streamlined experience With this in mind, we've set out to create a  better bond origination service  that handles all buyer pre-qualifications and new home loan applications super efficiently. Creating time you can better spend on serious buyers and negotiating deals, not admin.  A new MyProperty home loans service module seamlessly integrates into your Flex website and from here all home loans services and qu

New integrated bond origination service for real estate agents

We are pleased to announce the next iteration of our MyProperty Home Loans origination service.  With your feedback, we've streamlined the process even more and introduced new state-of-the-art services to take bond origination in your real estate business to the next level. Click here to read more :  Some of the highlights include: Our improved central processing hub gives you one point of access to our home loans team that processes applications to all the major banks.  State of the art integration into your Flex website , enabling prequalifications and applications to be captured securely without visitors leaving your website. We even help buyers prequalify early on, which in many cases, can provide you with a prequalified lead in your inbox without you having to do any extra work!  Prequalification certificates are done in record time and branded for your estate agency. Our registered in-house debt counsellors will help turn your declined buyers into future approved buyers.  An

New Sync partner portal Property House launched

We are excited to announce another Entegral partner portal, Property House (  for our South African real estate clients.  Property House is a free portal and can easily be activated in Base or integrated via our Sync API if you use your own management system. About Entegral's listing syndication platform Entegral provides the largest independent listing syndication platform operating in South Africa and Namibia, updating thousands of for sale, rental, and auction listings to a wide range of  property portals  on a daily basis.  Visit our website at  to explore our platforms.

New bond and transfer cost calculator for Flex real estate websites

A new Bond & Transfer cost calculator is now available to all Flex South African real estate websites. Try out the demo version on our Bold sample website here: To activate it on your website, please contact our helpdesk at or live chat. A once-off setup fee of 1 hour is applicable which will also cover any future updates related to the calculations. The bond & transfer cost calculator will automatically be integrated on brand new Flex websites ordered. Our team is currently investigating bond and transfer calculators for other countries including Namibia. Please feel free to contact our team to indicate your interest. If you have a Flex website you may also be interested in these 2 recent announcements: Flex related listings feature Flex integrated tenant application module

Track any marketing campaign with Flex and Base

Background If you run any sort of online campaign (e.g. Facebook, Google Ads, or other paid advertising) for your real estate business, chances are you would want to track the return on investment. In most cases, this would translate to the actual number of leads generated for that campaign, and to be more accurate the new mandates or sales generated from those leads. Knowing where best to spend your money is part of our goals with Base, and why you can already automatically import leads from all the portals within a few minutes. This gives you great transparency to identify lead sources by a portal, but what about your own campaigns?   Most marketing tools like Google or Facebook Ads will provide native reports with insights into the number of leads and cost per lead. But how do you know the source of the campaign the moment the lead lands in your inbox?   Now consider those links you add in your email signature or somewhere in a news article that offers a free valuation. How would y