New integration with Gmaven for Commercial Real Estate agencies.

At Entegral, one of our core beliefs has always been to give freedom to our clients in choosing their systems, how they'd like to operate and deciding on what works best for running their business.  It's imperative for our team to assist real estate agencies and brokers to put together various integrations, systems and applications, simplifying their every day activity.  Hence this outlook,  a new partnership has been established between Entegral and commercial software specialists, Gmaven.  

Gmaven, specialising in commercial specific software, is just one of the companies, who implemented our Sync API platform, allowing their clients to syndicate listings to a variety of real estate portals.  From the Gmaven system, commercial real estate managers, property funds or agents capture data on the Gmaven system, and with one click of a button, are now able to automatically advertise their space where potential clients are looking.

More about the Sync API

The service can be integrated into management systems and simplifies the publishing of listings to multiple portals. Entegral maintains this service and handles all interface issues and upgrades required by portals. It simplifies development for your team, giving you immediate access to our growing list of partner portals.

Powers your commercial real estate  website

Sync can also updates to our Flex responsive real estate platform which offers a high degree of customisation and integration options.

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