Easily link Base with external CRM systems

What is the Base Zapier integration?

The Entegral Base system was recently improved with a native Zapier app integration. This allows estate agents to exchange data and create automated workflows with over 2000+ popular apps, including all the leading CRM specific apps. 

Why even link a CRM system?

Although Base has contact management, contact categories, automatic lead import, and other great CRM features, users sometimes require very specific CRM functions that we don't (yet) cater to. With our Zapier integration, we allow agents to link any popular app with Base. Once linked with your app, you can for instance automatically synchronise your contacts from Base to the external app or vice versa. 

The added benefit is that you can create automated workflows and link more apps (e.g. insert contact details into a Mailchimp drip email campaign and ZOHO CRM at the same time). This makes the Zapier fee irreverent compared to the derived benefits. 

So many CRM choices

With so many great CRM apps available, and most having feature-rich functionality, agents are unfortunately often left with choice paralysis. No CRM system will be a perfect fit for every estate agency out there. It is here where our Zapier integration really shines, as you can modify the integrations to work with the CRM of your choice, and not be locked in with only one choice.

Factor in the external CRM costs & time

External CRM systems come at a cost, and usually at a monthly fee per user. You need to weigh up the return on investment and factor in user adoption and the learning curve for maintaining another system. Most apps have free trials, so we encourage you to play around with them and see what works best for you and if you really require all the bells and whistles. Zapier also comes with a free trial so you can link op Base with external apps for testing. 

Help us build a better real estate CRM system for you

Every estate agency that joins Entegral's real estate platform, contributes to funding the ongoing development of more optimised and useful real estate CRM functions. With a track record of delivering real value for the estate agent industry, including our recent free self-service virtual tour platform, you can bet that we will continue our ongoing investment into delivering more value for you at an excellent price point. Check out Base or contact our team to make the switch.

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