New Flex integrated tenant application module launched

Tenant applications can take up a considerable amount of admin time. This includes getting the application, managing it somewhere centrally, and keeping it safe for further access. We had a look at how we could not only streamline and optimise this process but also develop an integrated tenant application module.

The result of this is our newly launched optional tenant application for your Flex website (available in standard and premium packages).

Integrated  Tenant Application wizard for Flex

Once enabled, an integrated tenant application link will show on all your rental listings like this:

You can see it in action on this sample rental property on our Flex Bold demo site. It takes you through a wizard where all application details including personal contact, bank, and supporting documents are captured. Since Flex is responsive, the application is seamlessly integrated and will work on any device. With 100% uptime and SSL security as standard, tenants can capture in confidence.

Some other great features include:

  • Customisation options available per country;
  • The option to add/remove fields;
  • Individual supporting documents of up to 20MB file size;
  • The tenant receives an automated confirmation email once an application is submitted;
  • The rental agent and office receives the full application via email;
  • The application is automatically imported into Base;
  • If you use your own management system with Flex (and not Base), you can still enable this feature with the difference that the application will only be processed to your email account;

  • Integrated Tenant Application in Base

    If your Flex website is powered by Base, you'd be glad to know the tenant application is automatically integrated. The form is received in your inbox similar to other Flex forms marked as a 'new tenant application'.(Base can also automatically import your leads from all the portals, so everything is in one place). 

    From here you can review the application, convert it to a contact and print it. All the supporting documents are available to view and download. Best of all, application forms are linked to the tenant and relevant listing mandate. This allows you to keep a detailed audit trail of applications per tenant or listing mandate.

    There are no additional fees for handling and storing tenant applications with supporting documents in Base.

    Get yours activated

    Simply get into contact with our support team (live chat or to place your order. There is a once-off fee of R1500 ex VAT applicable to activate the integration. 

    Do even more automation with your tenant applications

    Tenant applications notifications are supported through our Base Zapier application

    What's next? How about accepting payments on applications?

    This tenant application module is a phase 1 launch, more integrated rental management features are underway. 

    Our next release will accept payments as an integrated feature. This will allow tenant applications to be captured together with an online payment using our existing Flex payment gateway. Great if you take a processing fee for your rental applications to for instance do a credit-check.

    If you are interested in accepting integrated once-off payments on your tenant applications please let us know.

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