Entegral launches Base Zapier integration - a game changer for real estate agents

We are proud to announce a game-changer for real estate agents with the launch of our Zapier integration with Base. The Zapier system allows Base end users to integrate their real estate data with over 2000 popular web apps. It empowers estate agents to automate repetitive tasks and create workflows for streamlined customer experiences.

Watch the launch event

Visit Entegral Insights to view our Facebook launch event and access the slides where we discussed the Zapier integration in more detail:

real estate insights from Entegral

Automate anything in your real estate business

With the Zapier integration users can create various triggers that can either send or receive contact data (and later listing data) between Base and their favourite apps.  Users can even access the internal SMS messaging system in Base to send and receive SMS messages.

In the launch event, Entegral CEO Adriaan Grové demonstrated how personalised autoresponders can be configured in response to new leads received from any external system and how those leads are converted to contacts inside Base. Follow up events can also be scheduled on the contact activity calendar within Base.

Create (real estate) workflows

The real power of the Base Zapier integration comes with the workflows you can create within Zapier. Multiple actions and filters allow for a series of tasks to be automated.

In a simple example we captured a lead from an external forms app (Jotforms), checked if the lead is a buyer, saved it as a buyer contact in Base (with all the contact details), sent out a personalised SMS and email via Gmail and then added them to our MailChimp newsletter subscription if they opted in:

In reality, your own creativity is the limit in how you want to automate your real estate business with Base and Zapier. Entegral is proud to empower any estate agent to do this cost-effectively. Even more opportunities open up when agents use our responsive real estate platform, called Flex.  Flex allows for complete customisation including the integration of external systems. Combine Flex, Base, and Zapier and you have one of the most powerful real estate platforms in the world.

How do I get started?

  • Simply sign up for a free Zapier account here
  • Go to Base settings / integrations and create a Zapier key. Simply enter Zapier as application name, choose the primary user (Zapier will see all data accessible to that user in Base), and click on create key. The application name can be anything so you may want to rename it as 'Zapier John' if you are creating a key for a specific agent. This agent can then play around in Zapier and create their own automations.
  • Now click on the Zapier invite link to which will allow you to access the Base app in Zapier. You can also send this link and key to agents who want to build their own automations.
  • If you require further help or experience any problems please email us on support@entegral.net. Keep an eye out for more blog posts that will demonstrate simple workflow setups.

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