How to feature your top listings and top neighbourhoods with Flex

Real estate agents looking for creative freedom to adapt their websites to fit their unique needs should look no further than Flex - a website solution for forward-thinking property professionals.

Our comprehensive solution allows users to do some amazing things - and to help you see just how easy it is, we review how you can tweak your home page to emphasize your main areas of operation. 

This not allows you to showcase your area of expertise, but also makes your social media marketing more effective.

Tweak what featured properties display on your home page

Did you know that you have full control over the featured properties on your Flex real estate website?You can:

  • Apply any filters (price range, area, property type etc). 
  • You can apply a custom listing tags filter (e.g. tag with 'featured' or 'showcase' or multiple filters 'sea view', 'mountain view'.)
  • Show the latest listings and tweak the number of properties to display.
  • You can tweak the entire look and feel when on our premium package.

More info here in our help files

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Feature your top neighbourhoods

Can visitors get an overview of your main areas of operation when they land on your home page? You can create a matrix of your top neighbourhoods on your home page or any other page like this:

The benefits are twofold:

  • A great way to showcase the areas you specialise in.
  • Helps with SEO efforts by putting more focus on the specific area landing pages.
When someone clicks through you have plenty of options on the landing pages:

  • Suburb landing pages like this. A quick and effective way
  • Suburb overview landing pages like this. Highly recommended and a lot more effective for SEO purposes. You can also showcase your neighbourhood expertise. You have full control over the content.
  • Filtered search results like this. In this example, we've filtered for homes above a certain price with a pool. You can be creative and create custom filters (e.g. home style, views, specific estates etc).

  • These landing pages can be customised and include call-to-action forms. E.g. 'get a free valuation on your Sea Point home'. Use this in your social media campaigns as a landing page for free valuations or use our Flex Dynamic Ads to showcase listings in the specific area with a link to your specific area landing page.

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