5 ways to supercharge your real estate SEO with AirTable

Article by Adriaan Grove, Entegral

It is 2019, start investing in content if you are not already doing so
One of the best investments you can make for your real estate website (apart from creating a great user experience) is to create valuable content that's relevant to your audience. Most estate agents have resorted to integrating news articles and in some cases area articles into their websites to achieve some level of personalisation.

The main focus on real estate websites seems to be on the design (in most cases only the home page is customized), and not on telling your story, showcasing your expertise or giving visitors valuable sticky content. This goes skin deep when the rest of your website looks like that of your competitor. You need to start thinking further than the "one fit for all" template websites out there that doesn't encourage any creativity beyond the home page. In most cases customization beyond the home page cannot be done or you are charged an arm and a leg to to get some uniquely structured content or functionality integrated into your website. We've solved this problem with the Flex Template Language real estate platform launched in 2018:

Custom real estate websites that doesn't cost an arm and a leg
We've realized that the real estate world is changing fast, and the next generation of real estate companies need to differentiate themselves through unique front-end designs, content and functionality. The Flex real estate platform offers just that, by offering a range of base templates that you can customize without breaking the bank. There is also the option to start with something completely fresh. We've developed a platform that is easier to maintain, more secure and offers better uptime (100% in the last 12+ months).

AirTable integration to supercharge your SEO
We've made it a lot easier to do all sorts of custom integrations and one of my favorites must be the AirTable integration. Airtable is essentially an online web database with tons of features, but our clever development team has turned this into a 'headless CMS (content management system)'. It essentially allows you to setup your own, highly flexible content management system, integrate that content into Flex, and have full control over updating it from any device. The basic version of AirTable is free and sufficient for Flex, but if you are going to create tons of content or want more functionality, you can look at the paid options.

So what does the AirTable integration look like? 
Head over to MyProperty Neighborhoods to see how we've done a simple integration where our editors can add and manage hundreds of area articles. This includes the overview, map, photos, videos and more. We also have a 'featured' field which we use to tag specific areas to feature.

The content is integrated throughout the site, including property listings (so not isolated into a specific 'area articles section' of your website as with so many template solutions). You can make it as simple or complex as you want it to be. On the listing details we've included a short overview (if the suburb matches) with a link to the area article:

Ideas to unleash your real estate creativity, boost your SEO and build trust
Hyperlocal advertising is the new buzzword in real estate, and with the AirTable integration you can unleash your creativity by creating and integrating all sorts of content structures into your website. Here are just a few ideas we came up with:

1. Area Articles
As demonstrated above, but why not add info on local schools, price trends and what to do in the area. The AirTable database would look like this:

2. Client Reviews
Feature them on your home page or perhaps on the particular agent's profile page. You can add an external review link to the Facebook or other site review to make it more credible.

3. Buying and Selling tips
Integrate useful real estate tips into your website. Define categories in AirTable e.g. buying,selling,renting,finance. You can turn this into a knowledge base or alternatively create a FAQ section. The AirTable structure could look something like this:

4. Local Events
You can highlight noteworthy local future events or perhaps passed events that you were involved in and helped sponsor. The Airtable structure could look like this:

5. Recommended service providers
Maybe you have a group of highly recommended service providers that you can feature or even promote in certain areas. You can create a category field in AirTable for segmentation and the structure can look something like this:

Keeping your content updated
With AirTable you can update your content through your laptop or download the app and update your content from your tablet or phone. You can also set sharing rights (maybe you are using an external editor). It makes updating content on your real estate website real easy.

Getting technical, the integration into your Flex website
Using the Flex Template Language Development Platform API, our front end team (or your own dev team) can integrate the AirTable structures into any part of your website using Flex semantic template pages using the AirTable help documentation and Flex Control panel, it would look something like this:

Setup cost?
AirTable comes with a free version so there is no cost unless you want the extra features or are planning to create lots of content. The integration into your Flex real estate website is quoted for upfront and will vary depending on what you want to do. The samples provided above can easily be integrated within a day. Once you have an idea of what you want to do and how you want the content to appear, send us an email and our team will get back to you with a custom quote.

On a final note, remember that any content you integrate into your website should be unique and relevant to your area of operation for maximum impact (Google frowns upon duplicated content).

If you are using an outdated template real estate solution that limits your creativity, get into contact with our team and learn how we can future proof your business with a complete real estate agency solution. We can easily import your listing data from various services providers and offer month-to-month contracts with a full money back guarantee on setup.

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