Listing view insights comes to Base

Entegral clients can now get early access to our new Base listing view stats functionality. It consolidates listing views per day per portal on all your mandates. There is also a rollup feature for the office to track overall views across all listings on participating portals.

Once activated, we will start tracking listing views on all your mandates and keep a permanent history of views on all active and inactive listings.

Portals supported

We're launching with initial support for the following portals:

  • Property24 South Africa and Namibia
  • MyProperty South Africa and Namibia
  • Gumtree South Africa
  • Your own Flex website (any country)
  • Your external website built through the Base API (based on certain requirements)
  • We can support any other portal if they can make your listing view stats available to us

Listing statistics forms part of an exciting new and bigger product that we will launch soon and the functionality will be expanded over time.

Sign up process

  • Your office administrator or broker will need to complete the details below.
  • Once-off setup fees are applicable. R1000 ex VAT to enable all or selected portals which will be added to your next invoice.
  • For Flex, we require you to add to your Google Analytics account. Should you not have a Google Analytics account, one can be configured for you at an additional R500 once-off fee.
  • Historic listing views are not imported, only views from date of activation is available.
  • Please complete this form to get access to listing view statistics.

Open interface to extract to external systems

We've also enabled an API for retrieving listing view statistics programatically. If you are using our Sync listing syndication API platform (or if you are an existing Base client that would like to retrieve listing stats to an external system), you can request access via our Helpdesk. A small monthly fee is applicable.

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