More about MyProperty's Tag Clouds

At Entegral we are constantly exploring new ideas in attracting visitors to our property portals and keeping them there by providing the fastest possible way of finding property.

In order to claim our status as South Africa's fastest property portal, we are always analyzing visitor trends through a number of web analytical tools such as Google Analytics, and applying the knowledge we get from this to enhance the websites. New features are introduced, visitor click trends analyzed soon after, and either further improved or removed depending on our findings. Static property websites full of banner ads, difficult property searches, or non-property related info is a big NO for us - we aim to provide estate agents and the public with the info they require.

We recently introduced 'Tag Clouds' (on the MyProperty South Africa website), which is another term for a 'weighted list'. Areas with a high number of properties are highlighted in a larger font relative to other areas in the same province. In the website snapshot above, one can see the town of Pretoria highlighted in a larger font. Since there is a direct correlation between the number of properties in a town in the number of property searches performed for that town, it makes logical sense to highlight towns in this way, making it easy for visitors to quickly jump to a particular (and popular) area.

We are proud to be the first large South African property portal to introduce this useful feature on their website.

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