Top 3 positions for Real Estate in MSN

MyProperty's search engine optimisation (SEO) work has once again paid off with the MyProperty South Africa and Real Estate South Africa websites taking the top 3 positions in MSN SA ( for the search 'real estate'. Click here to view results.

Although keyword searches that include 'property' are more common for South Africa, it is also important for estate agents to optimise their websites for the search phrase 'real estate'. This will allow effective targeting of a large percentage of international buyers using 'real estate' rather than 'property' as their search phrase. This is evident looking at our web analytics and the most common search phrases used by international visitors. Search phrases for South African property/real estate vary from country to country and people favour different search engines.

Globalisation is becoming an ever increasing factor for local estate agents, with people finding it easier to buy and sell property abroad. Search Engine Optimisation plays a vital role in attracting international buyers. As an example, Arab investors last year spent $1 billion on South African real estate. (The US received $7 billion in the GCC property money, followed by Britain with $4 billion, and Germany and South Africa with $1 billion each - read the full article here:

Get MyProperty's advanced search engine optimisation to work for you and start marketing your properties to an international audience. Sign up today, it is risk free since we don't bind you into any contract:

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