Entegral Re-branding

Entegral is busy with an extensive re-branding exercise that has now seen the re-vamp on its products and services logos.

The result, after a number of brainstorm sessions with Jaco (our lead graphics designer and 'branding guru') has been very successful. Entegral's new logo is an 'evolution' on the old one, rather than a complete new design that no one will recognise. It features a cleaner and more professional design that is pulled through into all our products and services, creating a consistent look and feel throughout.

Our real estate channels, MyProperty South Africa and Namibia's logos went under the 'knife' too, and now features a cleaner look and feel. The Entegral ('e') is now included on all our products and channels.

Next in line was our Virtual Tour solution, which is now called '360 tours'. Our next step is a revamp on our MyProperty South Africa and Namibia websites and the launch of an Entegral website that will showcase our products and services.

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