Referrals module enhancements

We have updated our referrals module with some nifty new features. Some of the main updated includes:


-          The alert emails have been extended…it will now provide more details in the email and you can also open referrals directly from a link provided in the email;

-          A message log allows users to post messages on a referral which can be viewed by both sending and receiving office, the messages are also logged on the referral;

-          The commission value is captured when the referral is closed as a success;

-          Various input fields have been made manditory to allow for more complete referral data capturing (this benefits both the sending and receiving office);

-          Distinct capturing screens for buyer and seller referrals;

-          The option to assign a referral to a specific agent on the receiving office, or leave it open for the receiving office to assign to a specific agent;


The referrals module can be configured and operated seperately from the rest of the system for national group…i.e. it can be offered as a standalone product to effectively manage referrals between offices on a national or even international level.


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