Online Marketing - How One Small Thing Can Mean Success or Failure as an Internet Realtor

Get a website…and get it out there… a good article for internet savvy estate agents.

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“My advice to agents is relatively simple,” he says. “Stop doing things the way you have always done them because those methods will not work going forward. Get your own website, get it optimized and invest some time and money in it. It isn’t a magic portal for business to flow through; you must get familiar with it and understand why it works and why you have it. I know dozens of Realtors with ‘secret websites’ (that is, they might as well as be a secret because no one ever goes there). They tell me ‘Oh yeah, I have a website, but it doesn’t do anything. I don’t know why I spend the money on it; it’s never done anything and I am basically illiterate when it comes to computers, anyway. I just don’t want to take the time to learn all that mumbo jumbo,’ and so on. I have only one thing to say to folks who say that: Get with the program or be prepared to dust off your resume. Today’s buyers are better educated and more tech-savvy than previous generations and they just won’t wait for you to respond to their wants and needs in the same old ways. What they want, they want now. If you can’t give it to them, they’ll move on to someone who will. Once you learn how to make the Internet work for you, however, your career will be more rewarding than you can imagine and your quality of life will change for the better.”


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