A milestone in online property advertising

Today marks a special milestone for online real estate advertising in South Africa.
An exclusive agreement between Private Property Listings and Entegral now provides estate agents the opportunity for premium advertising on SA' most visited property portal, www.privateproperty.co.za.

Private Property took the strategic decision at the end of last year to open up their website to estate agents on a selective basis. Have a look at their blog post: http://www.privateproperty.co.za/Community/blogs/justinus_blog/archive/2008/12/04/31.aspx

Property listings are captured and interfaced to Private Property through Entegral’s online property management system, the OMS. Private Property will systematically allow agents to sign up through one of their advertising packages. The packages also include automatic advertising on Entegral’s high traffic websites, including MyProperty and MSN property.

Have a look at one of the listings that went live today:

The combined advertising exposure now offered through Entegral's real estate channels (over 20) and Private Property, provides unrivalled online exposure for agents. It also provides a far better ROI compared to printed advertising looking at advertising cost vs enquiries received.

To be notified as soon as opportunities becomes available to advertise on Private Property, please drop us an email at solutions@entegral.net

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