Thanks for your feedback on the new MyProperty website!

We've received valuable feedback on the new MyProperty website through the feedback link located just underneath the search box. (You can still post your thoughts by clicking here). We've also had lots of calls and emails from our client base in South Africa and Namibia.

Apart from your own site, MyProperty is in most cases the site generating the most traffic and enquiries on your properties from the host of websites we export to. So suddenly making major changes to a long trusted website is not done lightheartedly! Various factors triggered the release of the new website with the 2 major ones being:
- Keeping up to date with the latest web technologies including SEO techniques;
- Allowing more rapid and ongoing improvements to be made on the website;

When we released the website just over a week ago, it was not going to be the 'final version' for the next year or two. From all the feedback that we've received our team have been tweaking the new website relentlessly. Various enhancements are envisioned for the near future while we've made some major improvements to the slow search speeds experienced the first week of launch.

The results will also soon pay off in terms of increased traffic, with new SEO improvements implemented that took months to develop.

So, thanks for your feedback - positive or negative! We'd like to know that what we develop, works for you, and works for your client base in return.

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