New property geo-coding launched

Exciting news is that Geo-coding is now available in the OMS when loading new property listings or editing existing ones.

The location fields now include a Google Map with a red marker that pinpoints the location of the property. When loading a new listing, simply enter the address, select the town and suburb and click on 'update map from address'. The system will then use the address (including street number) to pinpoint the listing.

Should the marker not be on the property, you can always drag it with your mouse and place it on the property. Click on the 'Hybrid' view to show a satellite image and the zoom controls to get a more detailed view of the street/area as per the screenshot below:

We have also added a new option 'Make exact map location & address available on web'. If you tick this you allow the system to show the exact location with address on your own website and portals like MyProperty.
Please note: Updates will be loaded this week on MyProperty to reflect this, watch our blog for the announcement.
If you would like this map view with exact property location on your own website please let us know via email (to our Support Department). Due to current workloads we will need to schedule implementation and may not be able to assist immediately. Note that upgrade costs may be applicable depending on when your website was developed.

We are also set to launch the new GIS explorer by Tuesday/Wednesday. This will provide you with a map displaying all your current listings and the ability to filter the listings on the map.

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