New product: MyProperty Google Maplet just released

We are proud to announce the launch of a new product, the MyProperty Google Maplet. This innovative new tool is a first for the South African real estate industry. It allows users of Google Maps ( to add a South African real estate search function to their maps and find YOUR property listings!

What is a maplet? It’s a ‘mini-application’ that runs in Google Maps. You can create maplets that add new features or overlay your data on Google Maps.

Millions of people around the world is now able to use this maplet in Google Maps and search for South African property. Only properties marked marked to show on maps in the OMS will be shown. To mark a property to show on maps see our article:

We therefore encourage you to make properties available for maps where possible, as you’ll get a lot more exposure this way.

Our iSearch property search facility is integrated into the maplet. Users can perform natural language property search such as “Gauteng for sale 3 beds under R2M”. The properties are then plotted on Google Maps. See screenshots below:

google-maplet-for-real-estate mp screenshot

The MyProperty Maplet application is availabe in the Google Maps Directory now for use:

The great news is that we can develop a Google Real Estate Maplet for you, read more including the prices:

The possible uses of these Google Maplets for the public is endless. Maplets can for instance be combined. Property listings can be overlayed with other map data. Have a look below at a maplet created for our USA client – places of interest was added and here it shows firestation locations combined with available property for sale in Greensboro, NC:

hus usa maplet - my maps search sample firestations and listings

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