Just how serious is spam these days?

Quite serious if you look at this detailed report from Commtouch: http://www.commtouch.com/download/1629

According to the report, 2009 Q4 Spam Levels peaked at 98% of all email traffic in November 2009, and averaged at 77%.

Stopping spam before it reaches your mailbox is no easy task and something Entegral has to work on no a continuous basis. Luckily we have some excellent ant-spam software on our servers in both our ValueMail and PremiumMail solutions, check it out here: http://www.entegral.net/?c=products_email

Our PremiumMail solution (which also offers mailbox sizes of 10GB) probably offers the best possible anti-spam protection in the industry with 3 independent anti-spam scans.


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