Make sure you geocode your properties

When you load or edit a property listing in the OMS, the location tab has a map with a checkbox ‘make exact map location & address available on web’.

The map allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the property with a marker for future reference and also for use in the OMS map explorer. In combination with the checkbox to show the location on maps, the exact location of the listing can be shown on property portals such as MyProperty, see this blog post for more info. Map integration will also be launched for client websites (where not already implemented).

There are new products to be launched that takes advantage of this should you make the exact location available. Some we’ve already launched like driving directions to properties, and the Google Real Estate Maplet, both were a first for South African property portals.

But there is a lot more in store. You may have noticed on the MyProperty South Africa homepage, an announcement saying ‘google real estate maps launching soon’. We are currently testing a new Google map search feature which will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced on a South African property portal. Agents who mark their properties to show on maps will benefit more from this. There are also mobile applications we have scheduled for development in the second half of 2010.

We understand that not every property can be marked to show the exact location on websites, whether it be security reasons, to protect the privacy of your client or to protect your mandate. But, if you can mark your property to show on maps, please do so, as it will add great value for potential home buyers through the various tools/features launched or to be launched.

Here is a link on how to geocode your properties in the OMS and to show the location on a map:

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