The social media revolution in 2010

In September 2009 we’ve posted a video with some fascinating facts about the internet. Now, in 2010, check out the latest ‘Social Media Revolution’ video from Erik Qualman:

Social Media is slowly changing the way customers interact with estate agents. Printed advertising is no longer the #1 referral source for most agents with the web taking over that role. Now social media presents another opportunity for estate agents to connect with clients through Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums, Video and other media.

Don’t know what all the fuzz is about Social Media, check out the following slideshow that explains everything in more detail. I just love the slide on ‘18% of tv ad campaigns generate positive ROI’. I bet it is even lower for printed advertising…

What The F**K is Social Media?

Estate Agents who are still pushing all their earnings into print are just plain stupid – they will simply become a statistic on the number of declining estate agents we are seeing. Watch these videos/slides and realise that there are easier and more effective ways of reaching more buyers and sellers online – and your ROI on online spend far outweighs print. Print still has a place – to communicate your brand – but please leave your product showcase (properties) on the web.

I believe in practice what your preach, unlike the model followed by all our competitors :)

I  personally can’t remember when last we did a print ad – and we’ve only done a handful since we’ve started in 2004/2005. Still we are signing new clients up on a daily basis. Your best business is through referrals, even for estate agents. Deliver great service and buyers and sellers will recommend you to their friends and family. It is a long term commitment, just like the social media slides you’ve seen here – there are no instant results, just get started today.

If you don’t have a website yet, get connected now through one of Entegral’s real estate websites or use the OMS to drive more online enquiries to your properties through our multitude of portals.

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