Improved IOL Property interface launched

A new IOL property interface was implemented last week.  Your listings will now appear on IOL Property even if you don’t have a website with Entegral (i.e. a normal OMS subscription package). Improvements were also made to smooth the process of updating and removing property listings from IOL Property.

On the IOL Property website you will see a “view on agent’s site” link. If you have a real estate website with Entegral, this will link directly to your listing on your own website. If you don’t have a website this will link to the listing on your MyProperty South Africa profile page.

Link on IOL Property



- Listing without Entegral powered website

- Listing with Entegral powered website

If someone enquires about a listing directly on IOL Property you will receive an email notice similar to the following (there is a direct link to the property):


Please note that we are currently linking all clients on IOL Property which should be completed by Friday 16 July.

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