Think your estate agency have cool vehicle branding?

Send us your photos to and we’ll feature it on our Facebook Real Estate Car Branding/Wrap photo album.  We’ll upload car branding for Southern Africa including South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

I like what Woodberry Estates have done – a very professional clean design. Sometimes you see a ‘cluttered’ car design where the agent has tried to fit in every possible piece of information.  Thing is, people won’t remember everything, so the most import part is the name and either your website address or telephone number. It is all about branding and being visible in your community. People can always ‘google’ your name or relate to it when they see your logo on the web or print. You can view the facebook album here.  We’ve just uploaded it so check on a regular basis for new photos.

Who do you think have the most prominent vehicle branding?

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