Working towards better customer service for your estate agency

One of our clients top agents has a remarkable record of signing deals again and again with the same families in the space of about 10 years. He’s build a reputation of service excellence, and with that, a very loyal client base that makes him one of the best agents in his area and South Africa.
Having the most loyal client base is what every estate agent dreams about: Signing a deal and having that client come back to you 5 or 10 years down the line to do another property deal. Having those same clients refer you to their friends and family. The cornerstone of this is based on offering superior customer service on a consistent basis.
This book from Paul Dorrian explains 101 lessons towards service supremacy which you may find helpful in your estate agency: Dancing with the Customer:
Dancing with the Customer: 101 Lessons Towards Service Supremacy “…We are at a defining moment in thinking about competitiveness.

Customer service is no longer an extension of business. It is the core of it. Nor is rendering good service sufficient.

The global economy is a heaving sea and if you don’t attain supremacy in customer service you may find yourself drowning…”

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