No peering issues for Entegral clients using MWEB as ISP

MWeb recently announced that it would no longer have transit links with MTN, Vodacom and Telkom, read the full story here: Many of our competitors have issued warnings to their clients on slower system and email access if they are using MWEB as an ISP.

With Entegral hosting their own dedicated servers at Internet Solutions (IS), Africa’s largest ISP and 1st tier internet provider, we can happily report that this does not affect Entegral clients (using MWEB as their ISP).

Entegral invests heavily into their server and network infrastructure and is also in the process of upgrading our server farm at Internet Solutions. It will be an industry first, with a custom Cloud Server Solution currently being build offering 100% uptime and increased performance.

Just another reason why partnering with Entegral as your real estate service provider makes sense.

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