We live in incredible times = looking forward to 2011

We live in incredible times. Today a single person or small focused teams have the ability to upset larger players in their market or start a global phenomenon with little or no funding. Think 26 year old Facebook billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg. He still prefers to rent property rather than buy and have recently moved into a new rental closer to work!

I respect people like Mark Zuckerberg, and Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who put their business passion above personal financial gain or status. Mark Zuckerberg even committed to donate most of his wealth to charity (signing on to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet’s initiative called the “Giving Pledge,”).

To succeed in business, you need to be a “game changer”, you need to be unconventional to be strategicThis also applies to real estate, if you are passionate, innovative and hard working, you will make a success. 2010 was a difficult year with the worldwide recession and most agency sales targets were not met. For 2011, you need to think unconventional and look for new ways to boost your business both online and offline, and outsmart your competitors. Think of how you can streamline your business, save time, reduce your operational costs and work more productive by focussing on high priority items that will add long-term value to your business.

At Entegral, it is our team’s passion to provide you with all the right internet tools to achieve this and make 2011 the best year for your agency. We have worked non-stop the last month, moving into our new Centurion offices, finalising registration of Entegral LLC (our USA company), researching and testing our innovative new cloud server environment for deployment, upgrading parts of the OMS & GRID systems and finalising details for the new property email alert system.

Remember to take advantage of the annual January and February spike in website traffic on our property portal, MyProperty, by updating your properties and removing old stock. In the last 3 weeks we’ve seen traffic doubling compared to the December figures:


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All of the best for 2011!

Adriaan Grove, Entegral


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