Entegral USA is off the starting blocks

imageWe’ve done it! Entegral Technologies LLC was successfully registered (and operating) in the USA.

For those of you who follow us on Facebook or Twitter, this would off course be 'old' news :)

Here is a short rundown on the incredible journey so far ….



Two years ago we've started off with some some prototyping and eventually hard core development work for the USA's leading premier provider of professional licensed real estate services, Help-U-Sell, leading to the launch of a comprehensive array of national systems including:

- cutting-edge franchise websites with integrated CMS (Content Management System),

- customized Office Management System specially catering for their unique business needs,

- an impressive franchise opportunity center website and blog.

Today, we import close to 1 million USA MLS (multi-listing-system) records on a daily basis into Help-U-Sell's state of the art cloud hosting infrastructure from more than 50 MLS organisations nationally. This is distributed to franchise websites on a national level. An enormous undertaking that took some incredible team effort (and still does!). It was also a learning curve to understand how MLS and property sales are done in the USA, compared to Southern Africa.

imageThe beauty of the internet (and Entegral’s own infrastructure) is that we have the freedom to work anywhere. A lot of the work was done in South Africa while visits to the US allowed us to work with the client and do 2 product launches in Sarasota, Florida and Las Vegas, Nevada (the ET boyz pictured left).

In 2010 more work and clients followed, including game distribution and cloud-based game streaming company, Gamestreamer.

Some of the work included a corporate website (www.gamestreamer.net) as well as the design of hundreds of Gamestreamer client store sites (for example www.gamestreamer.com's own store).

Our team have gained a tremendous amount of experience working in this 'melting pot' of the latest web technologies including mapping, social media integration, MLS systems, cloud computing and database optimization for large datasets. The knowledge that we are gaining on this journey also benefits our large South African and Namibian client base. As a small example, Entegral was the first property portal to launch with Google Streetview in South Africa and today have the largest deployment of Google Streetview enabled real estate websites in Africa.

We look forward to the year ahead, launching more innovative products and concentrating on the continuous improvement of our service levels.


Making time in our busy schedule for President Obama :)

p.s. we are always on the lookout for the brightest brains in the industry. If you would like to work on cutting edge technology and wouldn’t mind a bit of overseas travel in between, get into contact with us DM www.twitter.com/entegral for details. Great opportunity for mobile development, junior DBA or UI designer.

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