Property photo quality and sizes enhanced

We have reduced the amount of compression on thumbnail photos and also increased the sizes of thumbnail and large photos. This results in enhanced photo quality for new photos uploaded through the OMS.

Below is a comparison of the old thumbnail size (left) and the new thumbnail size (right):

current t419123_201126167400 test 3t419123_2011261756330

Note that sizes on most websites will not change in search results and property details as we fix the width and height. We will increase sizes at a later stage once enough new photos have been uploaded in the system.

Below is a sample of the old large photo size:

current 419123_201126167400

and here the larger photo size that is 40% larger.

test3 419123_2011261756330

The OMS is the only estate agency management software that provides functionality to upload an unlimited number of photos and the new large photo size is the largest amongst service providers.

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