Think Mobile with Google – Why your estate agency should go mobile


An online web event on the growth of mobile technology with really fascinating stats was presented by Google tonight.

Ever wondered whether your business should have a mobile website or application?

Just have a look at the following screenshots taken from the Google ThinkMobile event:

Here is an interesting graph, it compares pc vs mobile traffic throughout the day. At 1pm and after 8pm there are massive spikse in mobile usage:


This graph shows how mobile traffic (in the USA) is exploding with 4x growth in the past year:


1 in 3 mobile search is local and there is a very high conversion rate of people calling a particular business after the search (61%):


The mobile phone is the ultimate shopping companion with an impressive 79% of smartphone internet users using their phones to help with shopping:  


At the end of this year…..over 50% of Americans will have a smart phone:


Finally,  we are still at the early stages of mobile growth, its not too late to get your business online:


Entegral provides integrated mobile website for estate agents. It’s intelligent too - when a visitor enters your website it picks up when the browser is a mobile phone and then automatically directs you to your mobile website. Get your own real estate mobile website here.

P.S. expect a possible price drop announcement soon for mobile website setup and hosting!


  1. We at AIDA are looking forward to that Price drop Adriaan.

    Well done on the shifting to the cloud by the way. Excellent way of leveraging new technology in a "Green" way.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Rhenier, we should have it finalized Monday and let you know. Yes that is the beauty of cloud computing, you use the resources when you need it.


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