Some great QR codes ideas for Real Estate Agents

image We’ve had a great response so far from our clients on the new industry first QR codes integration into our OMS product:

We were also the first SA website to integrate a QR virtual business card on on every agent’s personal details :

So here are some cool ideas we’ve gathered on how to use QR codes in Real Estate:

1. On the back of your business card: a no brainer really. People can scan your business card QR code and your contact details are instantly added to their phone. A time saver for your contact.

2. On your car. Someone snaps your QR code in traffic and have your details. Plus you will look super high tech!

3. On property flyers. Want more info on a particular property, just scan the QR code.


4. Yard signs (for sale / rental). Get more details on a property by scanning the QR code on your sign.


5. And lastly, on your clothing. OK this is way out but hey, if you are desperate for some extra referrals where ever you go this is the one. You can can put something like “Scan me if you want to sell” on your shirt.


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