Industry first: unlimited bandwidth for real estate websites

shutterstock_45501088 In an industry first, Entegral today announced that all its real estate clients will enjoy unlimited bandwidth on their hosted websites.

This includes all Entegral website packages; namely National Websites, SEO profile, template and custom websites.

Entegral founder, Adriaan Grove, says that the cost savings are significant for national groups who normally generate excessive traffic every month. For most large South African national real estate groups, the cost of bandwidth can total up to significant amounts and can easily total to 50% or more of their IT bill.

Entegral already provided a bandwidth cost which was around 40-90% cheaper than competitor offerings. With the launch of our cloud computing infrastructure (another industry first) this year, we have managed to bring the bandwidth costs down to insignificant amounts and today announced that all clients will enjoy unlimited bandwidth for websites hosted through us.

Cost savings through the Cloud

The costs savings are made possible by Entegral's new cloud computing platform where resources are scaled dynamically depending on the load through systems. It provides industry best hardware failover systems, firewalls and backup systems. Through the cloud computing platform, a real estate organisation can also drive green IT initiatives while staying on the forefront of the latest technology developments.

Another unique feature of Entegral's cloud hosting infrastructure is that no traffic bottlenecks can be generated normally associated with dedicated or virtual server environments. Entegral spent 2 years doing research, prototyping and live testing on various cloud platforms before launching their platform at the start of 2011. Clients can take advantage of these cost savings through the use of Entegral's real estate products, or an outright hosting option where Entegral engineers manage all the complexities of cloud computing for them.

Increase your online leads with the savings

Grove says that larger groups can use these cost savings and pump it straight into online ads like Google Adwords. Entegral are experts in Google Adwords setup and management and can easily double or triple a company's online leads through the bandwidth cost savings.

The unlimited bandwidth offer is also open to any new clients. Entegral can do a free analysis of a real estate organisations IT costs and advise where they can save or are paying too much. As part of the confidential assessment, we estimate the number of extra visitors we can drive to a website by applying the cost savings to online marketing ads.

Entegral has opened the offer to the real estate industry but says it is also willing to consult with companies in other industries that generate significant traffic or have high bandwidth costs.

Note: The unlimited bandwidth option includes other Entegral services including email. Entegral offers a ValueMail solution plus an industry leading 10GB Cloud Mailbox solution (PremiumMail) for estate agents.

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