IE looses ground and Chrome overtakes Firefox as 2nd most popular browser on Entegral real estate portals

The latest Google Analytics stats shows how IE lost grown to Firefox, Chrome and Safari on Entegral’s real estate portals like MyProperty. It is interesting to see the historical trend of browser usage since 2005. Bottom line: make sure your real estate website is optimized for all the major browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

November 2005 browser stats

IE had a massive 93% market share. At that time it was perfectly fine to optimize your real estate website for IE and forget the other browsers. It was also still acceptable to display a message on your site, saying that it is optimised for IE. This made the work of web developers easy.


November 2010 browser stats

2010 is a different story, and real estate web developers had to ensure they optimise sites for IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari with The 2d,3rd and 4th browsers taking up about 25% of the browser stats for visitors. Fail to optimise your websites for these browsers and you loose out on about 25% of your leads.


November 2011 browser stats

IE now has 2/3 market share of browsers on Entegral powered real estate portals. Interesting is that Chrome overtook Firefox but all of them increased their share.



Safari is likely to close the gap on Firefox and Chrome will continue its exponential growth. IE is likely to loose a bit more market share and probably command 60% of visitors on Entegral powered real estate portals.

Global browser stats according to StatCounter is as follows (showing the worldwide usage share), and shows a similar trend we are observing on our portals:

File:Usage share of web browsers (December 2011, Source StatCounter).jpg

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