Better cloud server infrastructure management through Entegral

Gone are the days of worrying about the capacity of your servers and doing lengthy planning & budgeting for server resources & associated operating software and licenses.

cpu-alarmEntegral’s expert real world experience with Amazon AWS cloud services including EC2, EBS, ELB, S3, Route 53, SES, SNS, DynamoDB, Firewalls and various new services, ensures that your company’s IT infrastructure & systems are in safe hands.

Whether you use one of our leading cloud based products like the OMS, Virtual Tours, Websites or have dedicated cloud servers we manage - all are centrally managed by an expert team that will ensure better uptime & scalability and lower cost compared to traditional dedicated server environments. This includes full disaster recovery and failover services.

RealTime monitoring & management

With our Cloud infrastructure we are for example immediately notified if any custom thresholds on servers or cloud services were exceeded, as indicated in the above screenshot.  Custom alarms alert our team for immediate investigation. And because we run on the cloud, it is easy for us to scale resources up or down (including CPU, memory or disk space). All of this ensures better uptime, less bottlenecks in your systems and smoother systems.

The very best cloud services at your fingertips

Many of the popular internet business and leading enterprises around the world trust the Amazon AWS Cloud to run their systems. Entegral has access to the complete infrastructure and currently utilizes data centers on two continents. Here we manage our own servers as well as dedicated cloud servers for various real estate and medical companies. Our research & development team has expert experience using all of the Amazon AWS technologies. It is ideally suited for building custom high traffic, large data websites and management systems where rapid auto-scaling of services are required.




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