Performance upgrades OMS & Websites

At Entegral, we are obsessed about providing highly optimised systems and websites. Today we’ve made more adjustments to make your online OMS experience and visitors searching on your real estate website even faster!

This includes the implementation of ground-breaking new cloud technology that allows for much faster access to your data, whether you are uploading or viewing your properties, viewing your contacts or searching on your website.

Everything is off course based on our industry first and leading real estate cloud platform. It uses less energy and we only consume the immediate computing resources we require. Green IT for your real estate business.

“Technical jargon to follow” warning!

Based on IOPS performance measurements, it results in up to x10 faster read/writes to the Microsoft SQL Server databases hosting your data, when compared to the dedicated servers. This is especially useful at peak times ensuring consistent performance 24/7!


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