Never delete email again, 25GB PremiumMail email accounts

Our PremiumMail email accounts already boasted an industry best 10GB/mailbox size. Due to economies of scale we have now increased the space to a whopping 25GB per mailbox (that is 25,000MB if you want to compare it to competitor products).

There is no increase in cost and PremiumMail clients will have their mailboxes increased next week to the new 25GB sizes.

With a 25GB email account you are unlikely to ever have to delete email again. Simply access your email through the user friendly web interface or setup your account as an IMAP account in your email client (eg Outlook). This will always keep a copy of your email on the server (which comes in handy if your laptop or pc is ever stolen or crashed).

Our PremiumMail accounts also offers industry best spam and virus protection, and achieved 100% uptime through its advanced cloud infrastructure setup. More info here: Cloud Email Services

We are also reviewing our ValueMail solution for possible upgrades.


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