Eskom’s power drive is sputtering - all the more reason to host on Entegral's cloud infrastructure

Business Day reports that South African national electricity provider Eskom’s power drive is sputtering. “Not one of Eskom’s three major new build projects — coal-fired stations Kusile and Medupi and the pumped-water storage scheme Ingula — will be completed within initial deadlines or budgets”

This is all the more reason to host on Entegral’s Amazon AWS powered cloud infrastructure and ensure your business is kept online and will not be affected by long electricity outages. Our clients are also not affected by the current & future increases in electricity rates, ensuring you get the best hosting prices, all the time.

And along the way, your business will support a more environmental friendly approach to hosting, as cloud computing uses less electricity compared to traditional hosting.

Either way, you win with us.



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